Don’t Put Your Life At Risk If You Are Not Fit – Police Tells Recruits

Fred Enanga, Police spokesperson


The Uganda Police force has cautioned persons intending to join the forces to desist from putting their lives at risk in pursuit of their desires.

Fred Enanga, Police spokes person
Fred Enanga, Police spokes person

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says several individuals have completely disregarded maintaining health and physical fitness as one of the conditions for joining the force.

The statement comes after two men who participated in the recent Police recruitment drive died after partaking physical drills.

One of the men, Nicholas Ngobya (25) was a computer Engineer who died yesterday in Masaka, a day after receiving treatment for muscle cramps.

The second victim, Steven Bwampu died in Bundibugyo after developing lung complications.

The Drills involve a 5 kilometer run which is used to test endurance and a series of other physical fitness exercises.

Enanga says the drills are completely dangerous for those who have medical issues and those that don’t know their medical status.

He advises that all persons intending to join the forces undergo a through medical examination to ascertain status before presenting credentials to the forces.

Enanga equally cited consumption of alcohol as another factor that weakens performance for recruits during fitness drills.

He adds that in the next recruitment phase, police will focus on eliminating people with medical complications in order to avoid fatalities.

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  1. You know very well the situation of some Ugandans, they cannot afford a check up due to poverty. You need to put in place some mechanism to help that. A week before recruitments they should be able to go through all check-ups sponsored by the state. Telling them to have medical examination is not helping, its costly for an ordinary person.

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