Dora Mwiima

We broke the story of how heavy Dorah Mwiima is, but judging by her current looks, she is dropping a tot very soon.

Dora Mwiima
Dora Mwiima

On Friday afternoon, the sexy cross-border man-eater posted a photo of herself in an open shirt, leaving all her bulging tummy on full display.

Dressed in a white trouser and shirt, the sexy Mwiima was seen parading her shiny belly which seems to be in its final stages of exploding.

According to the African culture and norms, a woman’s baby bump is supposed to remain confidential to her and her husband but Mwiima had no problems flaunting it to the public.

She swallowed the live leg last year after engaging in endless bonking sessions with her husband Nader Barrack.

Recently, Mwiima caused cyber orgasms when she unleashed her thin but juicy and yummy thighs that left many ogling snoops salivating and suffering from unending whopper oscillations

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