Douglas Lwanga


Douglas Lwanga, the long-serving’ Katogo’ programe presenter at Industrial Area Based Record TV has quit the station. Insiders at Record TV reveal that he has not been on air since last week.

Douglas Lwanga
Douglas Lwanga

Sources say that Douglas blames the TV management for its poor managerial skills. They also reveal that he may be taking his skills to another TV station after a better cash deal.

The news of his departure has not been taken well by some of his fans who were used to watching him every evening. Local celebrities have expressed sadness at his quitting and one of them, sheeba Karungi quickly hit her Facebook page and said that katogo will never be the same again without Douglas and it’s a big blow to the entertainment Industry.

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3 thoughts on “Douglas Quits Record TV

  1. ohhhh, shame, but anyway it’s really not a bad decision at all, waama tokiliza kuzanyisa budde……….

  2. The world has to move on guys…No one is irreplaceable..He also replaced Hubby K who was far much better than him… Temukabira maata gayiise!!!

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