DP, Sejusa Form Alliance To Topple Museveni

Gen Sejusa addressing the media at DP headquarters in Kampala yesterday ( Photo by Bob Atwiine)

As the hotly anticipated 2016 presidential race gains more momentum, the former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs Gen David Sejusa has joined Uganda’s oldest political party Democratic Party (DP) to challenge his former master president Museveni come 2016.

Gen Sejusa addressing the media at DP headquarters in Kampala yesterday ( Photo by Bob Atwiine)
Gen Sejusa addressing the media at DP headquarters in Kampala yesterday ( Photo by Bob Atwiine)

Gen David Sejusa on Tuesday arrived at the Democratic Party headquarters located at City House in Kampala at around 10am.

He arrived under tight security by two heavily muscular men together with a few of his members of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU).

They later attended a closed door meeting with Democratic Party executive committee chaired by the party national chairman Mohamed Kezala Baswale in the absentia of party president Norbert Mao.

Others who attended the meeting were former presidential advisor Alhaj Nasser Ntege Ssebagala, Emmanuel Tumusiime, Dr Deo Kizito among others.

After closed door meeting Sejusa later addressed the media and members of the Democratic Party amidst ululations from the cheering DP members.

Gen. David Sejusa the former Intelligence coordinator and National Coordinator Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) said that he has joined forces with the Uganda’s oldest opposition political party saying that it is a new approach by him to bring on board all opposition parties to bring change in Uganda come 2016.

The former bush war hero also noted that during their National Resistance Army war of 1986 the bases where they were operating from were on the foundation of Democratic Party leaders.

“Everybody’s effort is required in Uganda if we are to have change, we must bring everybody who wants to bring change,” Sejusa said.


“The people who want to bring change must not fight each other but must contribute capabilities to bring change and every party needs to be strong to have change in Uganda,” he added.

Sejusa revealed that he wants to ensure massive protests and election disruption unless the electoral reforms to have free and fair elections are considered by the government.

“I also want to storm the National Resistance Movement party headquarters at Kyadondo and look in the eyes of Justine Lumumba and ask her if the party wants to lead Ugandans come 2016 elections,” roared Sejusa.

He also said that NRM needs protection more than any political party.

“Those in the NRM who have accumulated a lot of wealth need our protection because they will lose everything if we forcefully demand our money they are enjoying now.”

He noted that Ugandans under the current regime are enslaved with poverty, tribalism, unemployment, hatred and injustice. He assured Ugandans that all the suffering will be come 2016.

The former spy master who also claimed that he retired from the army said that the 2016 elections will not take place unless the government puts in place the electoral reforms to have a free and fair election.

“It is criminal to participate in a sham election and if you don’t the oppressor will form other political parties and he will win by a big margin.”

“You must boycott and also disrupt the election. This needs capacity which we are building now because we must make sure that we topple those oppressing us by ensuring that the election does not take place.”

David Sejusa also on the current talk of NRM presidential sole candidate, he said that the political party does not overthrow the constitution.

“People have the mandate to defend or overthrow the constitution if they feel they are oppressed even by use of fire arms.”

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