Dr Hilderman Yet To Apologize To the Catholic Community

Dr. Hilderman putting on like a bishop at his album launch a few weeks ago

Double bed Mazongoto singer Hillary Kiyaga well known as Dr. Hilderman has bowed to pressure from the Catholic lawyers under their Umbrella body of Uganda Catholic Association and he is willing to apologize for putting on the bishop’s attire while launching his Sinzeyaleta Enaku song.

Dr. Hilderman putting on like a bishop at his album launch a few weeks ago
Dr. Hilderman putting on like a bishop at his album launch a few weeks ago

Last week, Dr Hilderman was summoned to appear before the lawyers and explain why he used holy attire at his album launch.

After being served, the Ameria singer vowed not to apologize to anyone since he had not committed any crime by dressing like a catholic bishop.

Our sources close to Hilderman have revealed that he spent the whole yesterday looking for contacts of catholic lawyers such that he can deliver his apology.

Hilderman was given up to today to apologize or else he will be taken to court and charged.

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12 thoughts on “Dr Hilderman Yet To Apologize To the Catholic Community

  1. It looks like Ugandan musicians never learn lessons. Now, another one is again in trouble. I wonder when they will ever like peace.

  2. That is extending ones jokes very far! He may have broken no law but what he did is sacrilegious!

    1. it’s your interpretaion and attitde that make you a others feel it’s sacrilegious. Perhaps what he meant was not to disrespect but to convey his pride in the religion a ne of them or a follower. Should we sayJesus Christ should have sued reprimanded who ever those people who imitataed him throught in drama? from being a baby in a menger , carrying the cross being persecuted, whipped to his nailing onto the cross and eventual death.

  3. I c no wrong with his attire he disrespected nobody but then again this is 3rd world so I ain’t surprised coz I remember musician nick minaji donned a pope attire and the catholic church made no noise at all so poor hilderman is put on d spot for just an attire

  4. The level at which our people are desperate for attention is alarming. this was obvious it would backfire but his nut could not comprehend the simple matter

  5. Honestly i don’t see any wrong done by Hilderman, i have seen actors dress like Reverands wit colors, i have seen those dressed like sheiks with what ever those atires are, I have seen the mendo musevenis of this world mimicking public figures, Should we begin to understand catholisim as just beyond being a friendly religion but else?

    1. such radicalism will no doubt breed catholic fundamentalism-Hilderman has no case to answer. Uganda is becoming and increasingly intolerant society-the young man was having fun as an artist mimicking a catholic bishop, what is wrong with that? Are catholic bishops God?

  6. For heavens sake , the clobber that Hilderman donned that night was just a replica. It was not a genuine Bishop’s attire . Have u lot been to any dress parties where punters turn up dressed in different kits ? My gut feeling is that someone is out to siphon hard cash out of this young man’s wallet

  7. The artiste is Catholic, so he needs to do some explanation from that angle!

  8. World all over very often fashions are copied,what is wrong with Hilderman doing the same? The Catholic Lawyers seem to know and understand more about Christ and Christaianity more than Jesus Christ Himself,just looking for a cow to milk from!!!!

  9. Shall we say Wilson Bugambe on Commandos dressed be taken to court by the generals of Uganda for coping their cloth?
    some one help me

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