DRC: M23 Rebels Accuse Government Forces of Blocking Aid

M23 leader Sultani Makenga surrendered to the UPDF on Thursday in Kisoro, south western Uganda.

M23 rebels are accusing government forces of blocking the delivery of food aid to residents in the rebel held territory. They claim government forces backed by the UN intervention brigade piled troops in Kanyabayonga area on Tuesday night to open a new battle front. 

Colonel Vianney Kazarama, the M23 military spokesperson in an interview with local media at Mutaho on Wednesday, accused government forces of blocking humanitarian agencies from delivering Medicine and food supplies to residents under the rebel held territory.

He claimed that about 100 trucks carrying relief had been blocked at Rwindi and Mabenga and hundreds of travelers held hostage by the government forces on accusations of sympathizing with the rebels. Kazarama also accuses government forces of ordering the Nyatura forces which are pro- Kabila to Kill 5 civilians in Kiwanja.

Olivier Hamuli, the Congolese government forces spokesperson denies claims that they have blocked the delivery of food to citizens under the rebel held territory. He however, says government forces are scrutinizing the entering and leaving Goma to ensure that there is no infiltration by negative forces. Hamuli says they are ready to repulse any attempts by M23 rebels to gain access to Goma city.

He also denies allegations that the Kinshasa government has been ordering the Nyatura forces to slaughter people suspected of sympathizing with M23 rebels. Our reporter was unable to establish contact with the local Red Cross Teams to verify the claims by the rebels.

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