Eastern Uganda Dancehall King Nofia UG shatters You-Tube with’Badmile’ hit

Eastern Uganda dancehall King Nofia Ug with real name Abdallah Hadadi Muyambala, has taken over all music online platforms across the global with his recently released hit song dubbed ‘Badimile’.
According to analytics online, Badmile is the most watched song on YouTube and other online music platforms at the moment. By today Monday, 23rd January 2023, the song had hit a record of over a million views.
This has left the singer speechless by the love his music fans have showed him.

‘Badimile’ is literally translated to mean ‘They Have To Run’. It is a dancehall song in which he sings about the story of a braggart woman who was left at the bar by guys because of her pride.

“It’s a story of a girl who went to the bar with some guys but because of ordering expensive things and bragging, guys left her in the bar,” Nofia Ug xplained while addressing media recently.

He also revealed that he is a versatile musician and majors in Amapiano and Afro-Beat which has been the root of his inspiration to do Amapiano music.

Sang in Lumasaba – a language popular amongst people from Mbale in Eastern Uganda – the song is quite groovy and one you can dance to while still picking the message embedded within the lyrics.
Badimile song was produced by Pyret Beats and the visuals which feature renowned dancer Eddie Wizzy were shot by Simon SPK Films.

Signed to Magic World Entertainment, Nofia Ug describes himself as a versatile artist from Mbale and one of the very best musicians in Eastern Uganda.“I loved singing since I was in primary but didn’t have funds to make even one song. I was really from a very poor family. I stopped my studies in S4 because of school fees and went to Nairobi to look for greener pastures. I then later moved to South Africa and then when I got some money decided to come back to Uganda and focus on my long-time dream.

Nofia Ug grew up in a poor background with his grandmother who raised him in Eastern Uganda. He did not know much about his father until he was about fifteen years old.

Just listen to Badimile here and subscribe to his YouTube channel;

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