Ebola is easy to fight, No lockdown Museveni assures Ugandans

During his presidential address last night, President Museveni ruled out any possibility of a lockdown. Different sections of Ugandans had started to suggest that we would need a lockdown to curb the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

Ebola virus recently broke out in Mubende district and a number of people have been pronounced dead.
During his address, the president allayed the fears, noting that there is nothing to worry much about during the Ebola outbreak.
“It is not necessary to have lockdowns. We just need to take care of a few things. This time we are fighting differently. It is not necessary to have lockdowns close schools, stopping people from going to church, markets, traveling, etc,” he said
He went on to add that “Us who are used to fighting wars when we heard the characteristics of Ebola, we decided to fight differently. It’s not necessary to have lockdowns, close markets and schools or stop worshippers from congregating, etc.”
The president also assured Ugandans that the government is in total control of the virus and has full capacity to deal with Ebola “I want to assure you that government has the capacity to control this Ebola outbreak as we have done before. This disease doesn’t need those big measures. It doesn’t go through air. This is an enemy we can easily fight. The big battle is on washing hands. Stop panicking because this is very easy to stop.”
So far, a treatment unit for Ebola at Mubende Referral Hospital currently has a 51-bed capacity for confirmed cases and an eight-bed capacity for suspects whereas a 31-bed capacity treatment unit has been set up as Madudu Health Center III.
As of today, five doctors have tested positive for Ebola in Mubende.

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