EGG-FACED! Socialite Champagne Pappi in Dubai chopping tycoon Ham’s money

Kavuma and one of Bayern tycoons



Kavuma and one of Bayern tycoons

Renowned city businessman Hamis Kiggundu is said to be lamenting after learning that the man who allegedly conned him of billions of shillings, socialite Champagne Papi real name Honest Kavuma, is busy enjoying his money in Dubai.
Sources reveal that ever since Champagne Papi got out of jail early June this year, he has been on a marathon of party after party in Dubai.

The socialite had been in Murchison Bay prison-Luzira since November last year after he was charged with obtaining money by false pretense from Hamis and his brother Yasin Ssegawa. In March this year, Champagne Papi was charged with 60 offences at Buganda road Court, when he denied all of them, he was remanded to Luzira Murchison bay prison. He was charged with offences of obtaining money by false pretense.

It was alleged that between 2019 and 2022, he obtained Shs.7bn from city businessman Yasin Ssegawa and Hamis, after convincing them that the money was going to be used to buy Nakivubo turf from the Netherlands.
It is alleged that he also obtained 30,000 euros from Hamis for trips to the Netherlands to procure the turf which was going to be used in Nakivubo war Memorial stadium which is still under construction.

He further obtained credit of Shs.30m from Ssegawa to settle a land dispute in Munyonyo and another Shs.50m for trips to Netherland. Part of the money was to fly Bayern Munich officials in private jets to Uganda to survey the land where the construction of stadiums the team was slated to sponsor. Ham paid the money to Kavuma to fly in the Germany official. After waiting for no response from the alleged officials, Ham got restless and arrested Kavuma for duping him.

This was on top of forging letters claiming that Mathias Schauler, Germany’s ambassador to Uganda, Daniel Hogele, Bayern Munich football club Director for International Business and Strategy, Christopher Baldwin, another Director in Bayern Munich, had recommended him as the football club’s representative in Uganda and that he had been given permission to legally make transactions on behalf of Bayern Munich.

It was later discovered that this was all a brilliantly crafted scam after the socialite started buying expensive properties in Munyonyo yet there was no response from Germany supposedly investors.
Hamis and his brother had Champagne Papi arrested but later agreed to settle out of court if he could refund their money, Shs7bn plus Shs1bn compensation.

“When he was told what the complainants wanted, he nearly collapsed because he did not have any money on his account. The only option he had was to surrender part of his properties to the complainants to recover their money. The next move was negotiations on the worthiness of the properties he had put on table,” a source who was involved in the negotiations noted.
The source said that Champagne Papi surrendered his land titles in Munyonyo valued at Shs.5bn as part payment to Hamis and his brother.

Later, he would be released on a suspended sentence promising he would never commit a similar offense.
However, it is now believed that Champagne Papi had hidden the money in Switzerland as he nowadays moves between the European country and Dubai. Surely, this will not come as good news to Hamis and his brother as it appears they have been once again conned.



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