ENJOYMENT! Janzi band fires up partiers with live music @ Tuzanye Ne Binance party

Popular Ugandan performing outfit Janzi Band, which is headed by multi-talented James Segawa aka Sewa Sewa, thrilled partiers at Coco Beach in Entebbe on Sunday, during the Tuzanye Ne Binance mega party.

Partiers stormed the beach clad on costumes of different fashions and styles that vividly matched with the merrymaking activities of the day.
It was a fun-filled day during which partiers enjoyed all tribes of booze, while others basked in the sun by the beach, having their bodies caressed by the cool breeze from with Lake Victoria.

However, Janzi Band, led by Ssewa Ssewa on the Kongas, delivered the icing on the cake, as artists like Lawrence Matovu of the Base guitar, Isaac Nkubehinda of the electric guitar, Israel Nkubehinda of the drums among others, thrilled the revellers with tantalizing performances.

Janzi Band performed about three different sets, fusing live and semi-live performances that left many of the partiers nodding their heads in approval.

The event, which was a massive merrymaking beach outing, was part of the Binance World Tour, organised by an international cryptocurrency company, and Talent Africa Group.

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