Entebbe Express Highway Nears Completion

Entebbe Express Highway Nears Completion

The Kampala-Entebbe express highway that was started way back in 2012 is nearing completion after four years of serious work by the Chinese firm, China Communication Construction Company Limited.

The highway project comprises of a four lane thirty seven kilometer express dual carriage plus a thirteen kilometer spur connection to Munyonyo from Lweza and is partly funded by the Government of Uganda and a soft loan from the EXIM bank of China totaling to US$470 million.


The remaining part of the road to Entebbe International Airport will be upgraded to a dual carriageway.

Entebbe Express Highway Key Talking points

The Kampala-Entebbe Expressway is part of the measures to decongest the Central Business District and enhance trade movement through, within and out of the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area, The urban congestion is increasing in Kampala at an estimated rate of 4.5% annually with increased motorization thus Kampala is facing heavy traffic jams, especially during the peak hours and the road can no longer accommodate current traffic.


The proposed New Kampala – Entebbe Highway is consistent with the recommendations and objectives of the Master Plan of the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area by providing an efficient mass transit route between two vital cities in the region.

This project forms a crucial part of Government’s overall strategy for decongesting Kampala through construction of an inner beltway comprising the Kampala Northern and Southern Bypasses as well as an outer beltway along the edges of the Great Kampala Metropolitan Area.


The Contract for the Design and Build of the project was awarded to China Communication Construction of China by the Ugandan National Roads Authority with the date of signing of a conditional contract agreement on 26 October 2010 and agreed changes are executed through Addendum No.1 signed on June 4, 2012.

The Consultancy Contract for the Supervision of the Design and Construction of the project was awarded to Beijing Expressway Supervision Co., Ltd and the agreement for the Consultancy Service was signed on May 2, 2012.

The contract period is 48 months of Construction Supervision Period plus 24 month of defect liability period.


Scope of the Work

The route is categorized in two parts as Kampala – Entebbe Highway (36.94km) and Kajjansi Interchange – Munyonyo Highway (12.62km).

The Kampala – Entebbe route consists of 18 overpass bridges, 16 underpass bridges, 4 major bridge and three interchanges located at Busega, Kajjansi and Abayita Ababari.

The first 24.9km is along a new route (toll expressway) while the remaining 12.04km is along the existing Kampala – Entebbe route 7.4km to be widened and 4.64km to be upgraded with additional pavement.

The second part of the project, Kajjansi Interchange – Munyonyo Highway consists of one interchange at Lweza with one Overpass Bridge, one underpass bridge and one major swampy crossing bridge. It consists of 1.26km newly built section with access control and the remaining 11.36 without access control which will end at existing Y-junction route of Lake Victoria, Salama and Munyonyo with a new roundabout.


The entire highway will be a four-lane, dual carriage expressway, with limited access to be established at Abayita Ababiri, Busega, Kajjansi and the intersection of the existing Entebbe Road with the Kajjansi Interchange – Munyonyo. It is planned to access the expressway at three Toll Gates.

Additional information from www.unra.go.ug

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