EX ESO Boss Jailed Over Accumulated Debts, Blames Government

EX ESO Boss Jailed Over Accumulated Debts, Blames Government


By Serestino Tusingwire

Lt Gen Frederick Alexander Oketcho, a former director of External Security Organisation (ESO), is in Luzira prison for failing to pay debts amounting to more than Shs500m.

Last Wednesday, Oketcho was sentenced to six months in jail by High court deputy registrar Muse Musimbi over failure to pay a Shs30.7m debt in one case and Shs285m in another.

Yesterday, he was picked from the prison and brought before another deputy registrar in charge of execution and bailiffs, Flavia Nassuna Matovu, who further imprisoned him for another six months for failing to pay another moneylender, Patel R Arvind, Shs185m.

“You are hereby commanded to keep Oketcho imprisoned therein for a period not exceeding six months or until the said Shs185m has been fully settled under terms and provisions of section 43 of the Civil Procedure Act,” Nassuna commanded.

Oketcho however said that his debts stem from the failure by government to pay his pension and allowances he worked for during the February election.

He said he was only paid Shs90m, leaving an unpaid balance of Shs30m. According to friends, the general has since fallen sick in prison and is unhappy with President Museveni.


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