Ex-Mbarara MP Dr. Bitex lectures upcoming politicians

By Evans Najuna

Well known for his sense of humor, Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo who has his birth roots in Ndago Nyarushaje, Rukungiri district, the former Mbarara Municipality MP in 9th Parliament and now the Board chairperson of National Drug Authority (NDA), was recently intrigued by one Ian Nasasiira aka Ian wa Rubabo  who posted different schools like ; Kabuga primary school, Kigaga primary school, Omurutooma primary school, Nyakishenyi lower Primary school, Kahengye primary school, Rwabigara Primary school all in Rubabo Constituency for being in a poor state.

These were posted on Rubabo political WhatsApp group forum that consists of over 800 including Dr. Bitekyerezo and other key Rukungiri political figures. Members in this group either hail from Rubabo or were born and are working in other areas, whereas others were born there but married to different places.

Upon seeing the sorry pictures, the former Mbarara Municipality legislator roared and opined that as long as the schools in Kigezi remain in limbo, then the future of their kids is in jeopardy.

He is now asking all upcoming leaders in the region not to maintain this status quo and instead come to the rescue of schools like Mutolere Sec School, Kigezi College Butobere, Makobore High School and others.

“I know on this Mukutu [WhatsApp forum], there are many people who are aspiring to apply to the voters for political posts! I can assure you, if you are looking for a job in politics, you will be disappointed! A leader leads by example, talking without actions is nothing and it won’t help us. You don’t need to put much but join others and give what you have in your areas to ensure our children go to repaired schools with reasonable facilities to promote learning,” he lectured.

It goes without mention that Dr. Bitekyerezo, last year single handedly renovated some schools like; Musyana Primary School in Kisiizi Nyarushaje sub-county, Nyakishoroza Primary School and another one in Karukata Parish.

One of the schools recently renovated by Dr. Bitekyerezo

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