Fabiola hooks Meddie Ssentongo

Medie With Fabiola at Club Venom

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Shortly after the release of her less-soupy nude pictures, TV star Anita Kyarimpa famously known as Fabiola has found solace in city hunk and ladies man Meddie Sentongo.

Medie With Fabiola at Club Venom
Medie With Fabiola at Club Venom. Photo: Elisha Muloki

The two were spotted getting cozy and worryingly close at the Kabalagala-based Club Venom as they attended the Versace Party.

Dressed in a black jumpsuit, Fabiola was seen seeking solace in Meddie who was dressed in jeans and a vest through the night.


Evidently, Fabiola looked frustrated since everyone was drooling at her imagining her tiny triple nipples they saw in her nude photos.

Apparently, Fabiola seems to have developed social-phobia since she looked to be scared of the cameras and the entire crowd.

After the release of her naked pictures, she seems to have been dumped by her longtime boyfriend Mo Red who was also spotted hooking another soupier babe.

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