Fabiola Regains Seasonal Hips


She was considered one of the curviest babes in the city until her nude photos leaked to the media and washed away all her hard-earned titles.


After seeing the hipless Fabiola in her nudes, fans were disgusted that some swore never to fantasize about her pictures anymore.

However, the good news is that Anita Fabiola has regained her hips that appear whenever she wants.

Spotted recently with her new catch Meddie Ssentongo, Fabiola was seen extremely curvy like she was in the past.

In the photos that Meddie posted on his Facebook page on Monday, Fabiola is seen smartly dressed with all her well endowed curves on display.

Meddie and Fabiola getting cozy
Meddie and Fabiola getting cozy

“I grind so hard so when it’s time to ball I go all out stack moneyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!” Meddie posted the photos in his American accent from South Africa.

With Fabiola anything is possible, you may see her with curves tonight and find her with a model figure the next morning, that’s how ‘fabulous’ she is

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