Fabiola’s Ex Bonkmate in Erotic Romance with Hot Babe

Mo Red getting cozy with Bianca


If Fabiola’s door is not firm enough, she may suffer from emotional distress since problems seem to be knocking on her door one after the other.

 Mo Red getting cozy with Bianca
Mo Red getting cozy with Bianca Photo: Elisha Muloki

Latest information on the plate has it that Mo Red who is Fabiola’s ex lover has successfully hooked a soupier babe identified as Bianca.

The two were on cloud nine at Club Venom on Friday night as they got romantically involved and touchy throughout the night.

They were on several occasions seen whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ears and Bianca sat on Mo Red’s laps as they night unfolded.

Shockingly, the two were getting cozy as Fabiola looked on which prompted her to console herself by super gluing on Meddie Ssentongo.

The two couples seemed to be on a tight competition but Mo Red seemed so personal and relaxed than Fabiola.

Bianca is famous in the city for juggling men like a football star, her main victims being Chameleone and his brother Weasel.

Judging by her facial expression, Fabiola looked so scared since she can hardly defeat Bianca both in body structure and beauty.

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