Famine looms as hailstorm devastates Nyakayojo-Mbarara

Locals inspect one of the destroyed Banana plantation

Amos Tayebwa


Locals from Nyakayojo, Mbarara City South Division in Mbarara City face starvation and financial crisis following a hailstorm that destroyed their crops and property worth millions.

This disaster has caused panic among the residents and farmers who are scared of impending hunger.

Those who were earning through farming also face financial stress.

The most affected were banana, cassava and coffee plantations.

The disaster occurred Monday night.

About 10 cells from Nyakayojo were badly hit.

They include Rwenkoma A cell, Nyakabungo-Nyamiyaga, Rwenkoma B, Nyakagando A and B, Nyakakoni A and B cells, Rukindo among others.

Jomo Mugabe, a prominent farmer from Kakindo Nyakayojo and the Division Mayor Mbarara City South Division reportedly lost about five hectares of Banana plantations.

Wiliam Mugisha, the LC1 Chairman Rwenkoma ward said in his village about 120 families were affected.

Muzamiru Matovu, the Councilor representing Kakindo ward in Mbarara City South Division Council is appealing to the government for quick intervention.


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