Farmers Task NDA to take stand on Fake, counterfeit Drugs

Mbarara – Farmers have again put National Drug Authority Officials on the spot exchanging bitterly over fake drugs that are still on market and have since affected farming in cattle corridors.

During the forth farmers  Parliament meeting that was held at Kashongi sub-sounty in Kiruhura District last weekend, farmers tasked the NDA Officials who were present on that day that they should be firm and tell the them the right drugs that can save them from loosing their herds. 

During the meeting,  God Arinaitwe one of the farmers from Kashongi told off NDA Officials that they have totally failed on what they are mandated to do.  He said that NDA as an authority responsible for all drugs in the country must emphasize and focus on how they can come up with a solution to defeat tick resistance.

He said that farmers had resorted using this drug called two in one (Dudu) that it has a bit helped them to fight ticks though not completely, he said that farmers shouldn’t have exposed that because it is also going to be duplicated as other drugs were duplicated.  ” I wonder about DVO and your staff  in connection with NDA, are you in the campaign for the fake drugs in market  here? Are you looking for the solution to save farmers? or your here just doing your Katemba.

Because you are telling us that we use some of the drugs already in market which are  already fake and these drugs pass through you especially the NDA.  why don’t you come up with a clear solution for a genuine a caracide to be used on our animals” said Arinaitwe.

“Let us tell you the naked truth that as an authority and veterinary doctors have totally failed, you call someone as a Veterinary doctors to check on your farm but they adamantly refuse to visit your farm. InOur animals are dying, our banana plantation have been finished by banana bacteria wilt but these authorities have failed to help us. You’re stoping us from raising these, you can imagine farmers are trying to raise their challenges but the NDA Officials are trying to dodge the farmers’ concerns. Why are you stoping us from talking? This shows to me that may be some officials from NDA might be conniving with some who produce and bring fake drugs onto the markets in Uganda. Please stop playing us with yo katemba, stop killing our nation with your poor services,” he added.

Añfter farmer Arinaitwe’s bitter words against NDA, Abiaz Rwamwiri came up and challenged him that it’s not the mandate of NDA to come and train farmers on how they can manage their farms.” Our role is that we are responsible at Parliament to make sure that all drugs that come are well tesred, and we are optimistic and believe that all drugs that are made from here like that one of Sanga or those that enter into the country are all tested. We don’t have no any interest to allow fake drugs into the market, if we would want to duplicate drugs we would start with human drugs because human drugs are more in market than those for animals if we would want to make money,  so we have no intentions to duplicate drugs whatsoever.

By the way Mr. Arinaitwe you disrespected us as an authority, don’t exaggerate your ignorance to destroy people’s professions, you don’t even have knowledge of doing experience on ticks against drugs, people went school, these are veterinary Doctors stop disrespecting them, when we refer you to them use them” said Rwamwiri NDA spokes person.
” If you want a microphone for cheap popularity and you use it for katemba like you earlier said it will not help farmers, better call your farmers at your own engagement and you tell them whatever you want other than confronting us. What brings us here is about the outcry of the people and we want to reach to every farmer’s farm as NDA and we see exactly how they handle their farms, but we can’t do it the way u want it,  we shall not come here that you bring the book and we start teaching this and that, you will rather pay for it because these veterinary Doctors  you see they went school and study, stop coming here and start fooling people, am very disappointed with some of you farmers” he added.

He further told Farmers Parliament organisers to stop calling such kind of people with intentions to confront and accuse NDA the authority he represent. ” If you call National Drug Authority that I defend  and then  you call these type of people who come with intentions to mislead others we shall not allow that. In my job description there is no mandate that I will come to teach farmers at their farms if it remains this way I will go to Kampala and deliver my job” angry spokesperson NDA Rwamwiri.While speaking to the Journalists, Robert Katereine  the Farmers Parliament Chairman said that Farmers Parliament is moving Constituency per Constituency with an agenda to pick farmers challenges. That Farmers Parliament is not against government as some of the government officials think like those from NDA. That in reality the forum is supporting  the Government because what farmers Parliament is doing is to help farmers and the government. It is building a gap between farmers and government. ” nWe shall not allow this to see farmers crying over ticks and then we also keep watching. Lets pic farmers problems then the people concerned will take action. I hear some people think we are against them but some have failed to understand that may be they have failed to do what they are supposed to do, I will not be sabotaged by anyone because I have raised farmers challenges. Am a farmer like anyone so I also feel concerned. You can imagine farmers are using Agro-chemicals like Dudu so that they can kill ticks but they do so because they have failed to get solution from the authorities. People have different missions and different issues, if one comes up and attack NDA don’t think that we as farmers Parliament we have couched that person, no people are losing their animals and they feel angry when there is no solution” said Kabateteine. 
Herbert Tayebwa Member of Parliament for Kashongi county said that it’s very true Farmers are frustrated due to the fact that they have lost their animals because of fake drugs. As a farmer I have also suffered the same. He said that as farmers they need also to improve on their ways of management at the farms. He said that it’s good there has come farmers Parliament that it’s good now farmers can raise their challenges that are concerning them. ” As farmers we are frustrated because of the tick resistance, I have also lost my cows because of the same problem. But let’s also check on our management.  But still we have issues with extension workers, they don’t normally engage farmers, I therefore call upon Veterinary Doctors to always call farmers you sit with them, you educate them how they can  mix drugs better,  how they are supposed to manage their farms and their cows. If you don’t do that then Farmers like Arinaitwe are right to attack you because they are frustrated  with the resistance of ticks because farmers are not educated and they don’t know some of the technical things ” said MP Tayebwa.  

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