FDC Blast Rugunda Cash Handouts, Support Doctor’s Strike


While addressing journalists at the FDC Party Headquarters. The Ag. FDC Party President Hon. Alice Alaso Asianut, The Party President of Jeema, Hon. Asuman Basalirwa, Hon. Ken Lukyamizi, the CP President held a joint meeting at the FDC Party Headquarters, Najjanankumbi. “Since we are all in pursuit of a common cause, once in a while we come together for a joint press briefing” – Hon. Alice Alaso.
Here is the brief:
We shall be running joint press briefs more often, we want to reiterate our communities and let them know that were are working together for the common good of this country.

On “Togikwatako” Campaign

Hon.  Asuman Basalirwa.
In his address, he said, the NRM Central Executive Committee has been moving around the country, holding Town hall meetings on the age limit consultations. “We’ve noticed that these meetings have been peaceful and without Police interruption. We are also rolling out a detailed program the way our colleagues have done, since the stage has been set. We shall give Police notice and we do not expect Police to interrupt”.
“We highly condemn the Exception and bribery in the consultations. Recently the Prime Minister made people to line up to receive money. This kind of bribery must stop”. These consultations that are done in garages and sitting rooms, whereby the ISO and the RDCs give list of names of the people to be consulted, those that are known to be opposing are excluded. We want to call upon Ugandans especially the young people to demand these leader for consultations from them. “These leaders were not elected in garages and bed rooms”.
We are also concerned by the increasing violence in the country, Security agencies are playing a key roles in these. For example, the incident that happened in Nakawa Court where people were released and immediately Security personnel rearrested them. He also condemned the increasing attacks on the Religious leaders particularly by the Prime Minister and the Minister without Portfolio. “Government must allow religious leaders to express their views”.  We want to comfort the religious leaders that the majority of the people are with them.

On Doctors’ Strike.

We fully associate with and support the Doctors’ strike on three grounds.

  1. It’s constitutional and legitimate that an industrial action can be taken by employees of an industry in an attempt to express their grievances.
  2. We support it because their demand is not only pay rise but also better working conditions.
  3. Their demand is long overdue.
Hon. Ken Lukyamuzi
In supplement to the speech by Hon. Basalirwa, we are disappointed by the response of government in regards to the age limit consultations. NRM should not distort its own history. Years ago, citizens saw a man kneeling to beg for the restoration of the constitution, now the same man is bent down to destroying it. “The people have openly denied the lifting of the age limit, but i must assure Mr. Museveni that we will win, because no dictator ever won a war.” We thank those Ministers who have gone silent and have restrained from making any comments, because they realize that their boss is taking the wrong path”. “Don’t scare us, we can also hit back” he added.
“The Religious leaders should not be scared because they are the custodians of the Natural law. If anyone works against the custodians of the Natural law, the natural law will itself take care of them”.

Hon. Alice Also
“You say you are a Political Analyst. “The Doctor’s, prosecutors, teacher, lecturers’ strikes: That should tell you that the country’s service delivery has broken down”. These are all symptoms, the government should own up the failure in service delivery. “Where are the Taxes going?” This is complete failure of the Museveni’s government”. She said.

If you can give 29 Million shillings to MPs to just move around the country, but for that mother in Karamoja who needs to deliver, you say you have no money. This is insensitivity on the part of government, this should stop”. Our proposal is that the government should pass a supplementary budget to cater for such instances.

On the age limits Campaign and consultations.
“As Ugandans we should start inviting ourselves to venues and call these leaders and inform them that we are gathered in such and such a place, come and consult us, these consultations that are done in toilets must stop”.

She also added, that the Prime Minister must know that he is not the first to threaten “silencing” of Religious leaders, he is not the first to kill (silencing), but I can tell him, before he can silence the voices of God, he will be silenced by the God they serve”.
She asked the Prime Minister to repent and apologise to the religious leaders.

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  1. I know Dr Rugunda to be a straight talk man but whatever he said is not his own but party or government’s attitude with respect to togikwatako. They are so nervous about this amendment as if not amending it will make the heavens fall down.

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