FDC’s Musumba sweeps Kamuli

Salaamu Musumba Votes on Thursday

FDC’s very own Salaamu Musumba has won the Kamuli LC 5 seat by a landslide victory over her closest rival – NRM’s Thomas Kategere and six other contenders for the job.

The final tally on Friday morning read that 67.6% for Musumba against 29.1% Thomas Kategere’s vote share. She was finally declared overall winner by the Kamuli returning officer, Samuel Kiyingi.

Uganda Electoral Commission boss Eng Badru Kigundu was present at the time of the final tally.

The other six who were independent polled as follows: Ibrahim Mbadhi 1,077 (1.5%) Kaloli Dhizaala 437 (0.6%), Charles Isanga 210 (0.3%), Fred Kamaniro 87 (0.1%), Michael Kifubangabo 346 (0.5%).

The finally tally came as no surprise since she had gained an early lead as poll results came in from the 331 polling stations in Kamuli District.

She takes over from Kawugu Kawooya who previously held the position but had to relinquinsh the position when court nullified his election into office over lack of proper academic qualifications for the job.

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25 thoughts on “FDC’s Musumba sweeps Kamuli

  1. Bravo, Salaam Musumba, congs, “FDC oyee”, but remember you are serving the nation, your own people who have entrusted you with that office, be for the people, work with them, and focus on development, unity and peace building,and aviod political conflicts, serve as our MOTO goes, “ONE UGANDA, ONE PEOPLE”, we are one, irespective of political affiliation. God bless.

  2. Congratulations Musumba and people of kamuli and Uganda at large,for this is the only way to fight this corrupt Government.

  3. Congs Prossy,congs FDC, a sign that ugandans have started trusting fdc party more than nrm.keep up the spirit up to the national level.

  4. Big up musumba and remember to work for the people who have voted you regardless of the parties such as speaker kadaga and even the lossers for the betterment of the district lead by example and not political hatred by this the future will be clear for your destination BRAVO kamuli guys

  5. Leaders are choosen by God to serve him and lead his people. When they go against that and get engrosed with power and wealth and they forget his blessings and favour to them HE removes them, it is the fact like it hate it.

  6. Conngs madam and the people of kamuli for voting rightly, as i mention yesterday, with the current mismanagement of affairs in this country by NRM, none of them should be entrusted in key positions. This way their numbers will be dwindlling each day. Lwero must follow the suit

  7. Musumba, well done!!! Now the real work begins. FDC oyee!!! You have ashamed the NRM. God Bless and Good luck.

  8. musumba can provide good leadership skills to kamuli peolple,so she was the right choice

  9. Congs, Madam.
    This time I saw Musumba calm during the campaign process. She has politically mutured. That is the way to go. Col Besigye should emulate her, don’t use vulga language. Salaam what is remaining is the FDC chair let come 2014.

  10. What happened in Bugweri when Abdul Katuntu ashamed the full force of Kivejinja’s NRM has again occured in Kamuli. Thank U the Basoga. This is the fastest and sure way of rejecting the loss of billions of shillings in various sectors, ministries and departments under the watch of NRM.

  11. Congs Salaam n d pple of Kamuli its good that even the blind are now seeing what the NRM gov’t is doing eating billions of public.let use d silogan ‘cam atuku bol ki mao’ come 2016, which mean eat atuku but vote for mao,so eat NRM but vote for FDC to avoid corruption in Uganda.

  12. congs maama salaam.you’ve really made it there!Bigup to all Kamuli Nationalists.you’ve have for sure woken up.FDC Juu….

  13. Congs to Musumba. This is democracy. Let us appreciate that when the President campaigns and is defeated, the ground is practically level. The Movement system still haunts Ugandans because the population of Kamuli definitely is not 70% FDC. Pres.Museveni earlier stated the choice of NRM candidature was not well researched. Multi-party politics has no future in Uganda. Ugandans will always choose on individual merit but not toe the party line. This is the reason Dr. Kizza is the all time-loser in national elections. The whole world knows that he is not Museveni’s calibre.

  14. Congratulations Salaam Musumba. You have come in at the right time. Resilience wins, you have fought a hard fight. I hope you will begin your wash up campaign with the corruption in the District Service Commission. Please serve the people who entrusted you with the office, make your district a model district that will champion development based on integrity

  15. I think Musumba’s success is not FDC success as par say, but it offers alot, actually the candidate word here is “TWAKOOWA”. OTHERWISE with all moneys that were spent, the vote would have easily been bought. The people of kamuli simply said to to any NRM candidate in defiance of M7. Added to that, musumba was simply the Best candidate of all. In kween the best candidate won and not neccesarrily the candidate that came from NRM. believe its simply the best candidate that won. i never saw any sign of NRM in the voting. However trust me those districts no little of FDC and NRM, they vote the movement style for the best candidate

    1. If the movement style of voting is for the best candidate as you stated, then there wouldn’t be parties including NRM/NRMO because this automatically tells you that it is individual merit system. Check the archives critically what happened during the primaries in Usuk “bye” election bid.

  16. last months we had Ishaka Bushenyi Munisperity en Kasese District elections being won by FDC members en now still. eeeeee FDC OYEEEE

  17. Chief you are not clear. Your reasoning is muddled. What do you mean by “those districts know little about FDC & NRM but voted the movement way for the best candidate”? You mean the movement candidate here was just rubbish? You are either confusing readers or you are yourself confused.

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