Fille’s post-baby status Excites fans


In most cases, when women give birth, they fade, lose weight and all their glow disappears in thin air but this was not the case with sexy singer Fille Mutoni.

mutoni fille

Spotted at Kati Kati grounds last weekend, Fille left her fans surprised when she showed up looking sexier than she was before

Currently, she is more hippy, glowing and fatter than anyone expected her to be, considering her relationship conflicts with MC Kats and the baby stress.

Clad in black tight pants, Fille was seen fingering her smart phone both before and after her performance at the Buzz Teenies awards.

With all the glow and good looks, Kats got ‘sexcited’ and ended up proposing to her on stage in what many referred to as a showbiz stunt.

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