Finance Splashes UGX 889M On Vehicle Repairs

The Public Accounts Committee has grilled Emmanuel Mugunga, the accounting officer of the Ministry of finance, planning and Economic development for spending 889 million shillings on vehicle repairs during the 2011/2012.



The MPs tasked Mugunga to know the number and specifications of the vehicles, which consumed such a colossal sum of money in a single financial year in vain.

The committee blasted Mugunga for ignoring the committee recommendation to the ministry to draft a fleet maintenance policy.

Alice Alaso, the committee chairperson noted that, the ministry doesn’t have a policy and that, Mugunga was advised to come up with a fleet maintenance policy but nothing was done.

Alaso ruled that it would be a waste of time to continue with the debate unless the list of the vehicles in question is produced. The committee members wondered why the ministry has not put in place a policy to track lost vehicles and those that are not being used for the benefit of the taxpayers.

Theodore Ssekikuubo, the Lwemiyaga County MP said Mugunga was unbelievable for declaring that didn’t know the number of vehicles in the pool and those used by the directors.

In his response Mugunga apologized to the committee for failing to keep records of the vehicles and vowed to reconcile the documents and draw a fleet maintenance policy.

The committee also asked Mugunga to explain why the finance ministry sends  Ugx 30bn to Bank of Uganda under the Agriculture Credit Facility-ACF.

Mugunga pleaded with the committee saying he was not in the capacity to answer the question and referred the committee to Keith Muhakanizi, the permanent secretary of the finance minister secretary to the treasury.

MPs contend that the ACF project was formulated  hurriedly without proper feasibility and consultation with the relevant stakeholders.

Martin Muzale, the Buzaaya county MP reasoned that since Mugunga said there were some questions he would not answer and referred them to Muhakanizi , it was futile to proceed with him.

MPs disagreed on whether to continue probing Mugunga or let him off the hook since he wouldn’t answer some questions. The committee unanimously resolved to summon Muhakanizi to explain the gaps in the ACF project.

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3 thoughts on “Finance Splashes UGX 889M On Vehicle Repairs

  1. u wonder a so called committee is questioning someone but no report has come from a committee and is beneficial to the local populace. How do u say someone used money on a number of vehicles he doesnt know and you people call your gathering a committee or maybe we call it a bar/cafeteria where people chat. WE ARE TIRED OF YOU PARLIAMENTARIANS SHOUTING A LOT WITHOUT ANYTHING DONE TO OUR FAVOUR. IT IS GOOD YOU GET YOUR SALARIES IN TIME AND YOU CAN EVEN INCREASE THEM WHEN YOU NEED MORE.

  2. With the state of our roads, Am not surprised by the vehicle repair bill. The Gov’t needs to fix roads

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