Fly Campaign Launched

Fly, a new campaign aimed at building confidence and resilience amongst teens so that they can resist temptations to engage in harmful habits such the consumption of Shisha, Cigarettes and Kuber has been launched.

With the slogan; Do Your Thing Fly, is all about positive self-expression, supporting teens to pursue their goals and make smart choices to keep them on their path.

Speaking at the launch on Monday September 19, Sheila Ndyanabangyi confirmed that the Ministry of health is working closely with fly to fight the consumption of Shisha, Cigarettes and Kuber.

Fly campaign spokesperson Amanda Kamugisha affirmed that they had spent the past six months working with a team of bright young movers and shakers and they are ready to inspire the youth to do their thing.

She also revealed that Fly will join the Good Business’s other programmes such as SKY in Botswana and a soon-to-launch brand in Ghana, each designed to build an empowered, resourceful and tobacco-free generation.

This website understands that the “Fly anthem” created in collaboration with Mun G to capture the spirit of the movement will be launched soon

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