FORGIVE ME MAAMA SOLAYA! Geosteady apologizes to Ex-wife for exposing her top secrets

Valentine’s Day was a day to celebrate love. For on-again, off-again lovers Geosteady and his baby mama, Prima Kardashi Ndagire, it was a time to catch up on the lost time or so many thought. They recently got back together after two years apart.

Geosteady showed there was no way back when he ghosted Prima on Valentine’s Day. He spent the day praising his rumoured love interest, singer Hindu Kay, much to the chagrin of Prima.

Prima took to social media to call him a ‘community boyfriend’, who just about sleeps with any woman and the bickering kicked off.

Prima claimed to be the reason behind Geosteady’s recent musical success. In a thinly-veiled dig, Geosteady claimed he knew why the mother-of-two often took those random trips abroad to Malaysia and Dubai.

Both Prima Kardashi and Geosteady now seem to have realised their mistakes and have since deleted the posts.

“Today I come in white, I come in peace. I’m sorry about yesterday. Allah knows I’ve always been a good man despite what people have pushed me through. 2023 I like who likes me,” Geosteady partly wrote.

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