Forgotten Uhuru Overshadowed By Bigger Cousin Murchison Falls

UhuruIt is overshadowed by the mighty Murchison Falls that very few people actually know the name of the falls, just few metres away from the Murchison Falls. Uhuru Falls came into existence in 1962, the same year Uganda got independence.

It is called Uhuru Falls for two reasons. To celebrate Uganda’s Independence Day, 9th October 1962 and because the falls were actually formed in 1962. In 1962, Uganda received heavy rainfall which forced part of Murchison Falls to create a tributary that formed the second falls, named Uhuru.

Since then, the falls has created a spectacular view and are often are referred to as twin falls. Henry Buzu, a guide within the park, says the falls have been an attraction since they were formed and maintained their water volume.

Buzu says he cannot explain why the falls were formed in the same year the country gained its independence from Great Britain and little research has been conducted on them. Buzu, however, says the falls is facing destruction because of the power dams being constructed along the Nile. The guide says four years ago, the Uhuru Falls disappeared during the construction of Bujagali dam.

He says although they have since stabilized, they may be adversely affected during the construction of Karuma dam. Jossy Muhangi, the Public Relations Manager of Uganda Wildlife Authority, says they are making deliberate efforts to promote and popularize hiking up to the top of both falls. He says Total Oil Company has already construed a hiking line for tourists to hike from the Acholi plains.

He says Ugandans should take advantage of such facilities to explore more about their country.

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