Former MP Kaliba Appointed New Tooro Premier

Tooro King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru IV

Former Member of Steven Kaliba, a former Member of Parliament is Tooro Kingdom's new Prime Minister

The King of Toro, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru has appointed Steven Kaliba, the new Kingdom Premier.

Kaliba’s the former Member of Parliament Fort Portal Municipality.

Kaliba’s name was announced Saturday afternoon by Rev. Richard Baguma, one of the Kingdom regents, during the Kingdom Parliament seating at the Kingdom headquarters, Mucwa.

He replaces Amos Mugisa, who two weeks ago resigned from the post, citing interference in Kingdom affairs by palace officials.

In his speech read out by Baguma, King Oyo requested the members of the Kingdom parliament to accept his choice of kingdom premier, because Kaliba is a hard working person, who will bring social and economic development in the Kingdom.

King Oyo further stated Kaliba should use his new position to end conflicts in the Kingdom, which have raged on for several years.

Oyo also said that the Kingdom administration should expedite the swearing in of Kaliba and also appoint his cabinet and members of the appointments and land boards.

Soon after his name was read out, the Kingdom Speaker, Saul Mugasa asked the members whether they agreed with the King’s choice, to which they unanimously accepted.

Kaliba who was present, was asked by Mugasa, whether he accepted the appointment. He stood up and said that he was willing to serve as new premier.

Princess Elizabeth Bagaya, King Oyo’s auntie, requested that the new premier be respected and left to do his work, without any interference from some individuals, whom she didn’t mention.

Bagaya said its unfortunate that the Kingdom has become a laughing stock because several premiers have been sacked and others resigned, which she says discredits the King and his subjects.

Prior to the meeting, some members of the Kingdom Parliament had refused to enter the chambers, saying that the meeting was illegal, because the Kingdom constitution had been suspended by King Oyo and there was no legal instrument guiding them.

However kingdom lawyers led by Princess Bagaya showed members a standing order signed by King Oyo, authorizing the Kingdom parliament to convene, despite the absence of the kingdom constitution.

Kaliba was elected Fort Portal Municipality MP in 2006. He lost the seat in 2011, to Alex Ruhunda, the current MP. He was also the head of the community education and extra-mural studies department, Makerere University.

Two weeks ago, the Kingdom regents proposed three names for the job of Prime Minister. The names which included, Kaliba, Bob Kaganda, the former Mayor Fort Portal and Patrick Rukuya, former speaker Kabarole district council, were sent to King Oyo, who is currently studying in the United Kingdom.

Kaliba is the eighth Kingdom Prime Minister. Former premiers include John Sanyu Katuramu, Steven Nyabongo Rwakijuma, David Rusa, Steven Irumba, William Nyakatura, Dr Apollo Karugaba and Amos Mugisa.

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