Mbale, Bukede residents were over the weekend thrilled after Fortebet unleashed to them
a surprise package of gifts. The gifts that included favourite European teams’ jerseys,
Fortebet T-shits, caps, pens and wristbands were all given out to over 150 customers. This
took place at the four Fortebet centres in Mbale town and the newly opened Bukedea
Conducted by Fortebet Media Manager, John Nanyumba, the gifts’ handover was in a way
of giving back to the clients-thanking them for making this company their number one
betting centre. “We have decided to give you these gifts because we love and value you.
Fortebet would not be Uganda’s biggest and best betting company if it were not you. This is
the reason we must say to you-thank you,” Nanyumba said to the customers at Mbale main
branch before the gifts were given out.
Some of the customers that got the gifts couldn’t hide their joy. Jesse Mukuwa , a jersey
recipient said, “There is no other betting company that has ever given out gifts to its
customers in such big numbers. I am just happy that each day, this company (Fortebet)
keeps doing new things that make it a class apart.” Alamanzan Masaba, who got a T-shirt
said, “I can’t express my happiness. I came here not expecting to get this. I feel even if I lose
my bet today, Fortebet has already paid me. Please, keep on coming back because we shall
still keep betting with Fortebet.”
Fortebet did not only give out gifts to its customers but also footballs to young talents in
both Mbale and Bukedea towns. Kids of Bukedea Lifeline primary school received balls just
as community kids that play from children’s lion park in Mbale. The balls were given out to
fulfil one of Fortebet’s goals in Uganda of development and supporting talents’

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