FRAUD ALERT! How DFCU bank, thugs stole my money-customer

On Tuesday 19thDecember 2023, between 8:00 pm and 9:00pm, I was walking along Bukoto-Kisaasi road when my handbag containing my mobile phones and ATM cards was snatched by a thief on a boda boda.

I attempted to make an alarm but the thief was very fast and got away. I proceeded to Kira road police station where a theft case was reported.

I was not using DFCU mobile & internet banking (having last attempted to use it more than two years ago).

I therefore did not expect access to my account through mobile & internet banking.

The next morning at around 8:30 am, I reported to DFCU bank, Lugogo branch.

I reported the phone and ATM card theft to a bank staff. I requested her to block my ATM and make a replacement.

While at the bank, I inquired if there had been any activity on my bank account the previous night as my phone and ATM card had been stolen.

The bank staff then asked me what the last transaction I remember conducting on my account was.

I told her what it was and that it had been conducted on 18/12/2023.

She informed me that there had been a debit transaction at midnight the previous night.

I told her that that transaction was not conducted by me, and I requested to know my bank balance.

She told me that my bank balance was UGX 18,000.

When I inquired about the time of the last transaction that had been carried out, she said that it had been conducted at 7:00 am that morning, but I later found out from another bank staff at a different branch that it had actually been conducted at 08:54 am when I was already in the bank.

Two more transactions were conducted after this.

Both the bank staff and the branch manager did not provide any explanation.

They told me to make a written complaint and that the bank’s investigations would take over a month.

I then requested for a bank statement where I noted that a total of UGX 10,171,310 had been stolen from my bank account.

This included withdrawal of UGX 1,790,000 and interest of UGX 216,000 from a loan disbursement (UGX 2M) that was conducted on 20/12/2023, which I did not request.

Shockingly, all these last transactions were conducted after I had reported to the bank that morning.

On 25th December, I wrote to the bank’s customer care email address requesting an explanation.

They promised to investigate and resolve the issue as soon as possible. To date I have not received an explanation from DFCU bank (my communication with the bank is attached)

After trying to follow up through the Bank of Uganda, a staff member from the Bank’s risk department called Christopher A*** (0702***634) started calling me.

He would call and give me useless information, a tactic I later learnt was meant to hoodwink me.

On 16th January 2024, he told me that my account was accessed through the mobile banking application.

During a phone call on 1st February 2024, I asked about emails I had unearthed from when the thieves had hijacked my email; these emails had been sent to the bank’s address  on the morning of 20th December (I have attached them).

In the emails, the thieves were requesting to delete the trust factor and activate SMS authorization to access my account, and the correspondence went on up to 11:12 am yet I had reported to the bank around 8:30 am.

To my surprise, the bank staff now changed his story and said that they had actually realized that my account was accessed through SMS authorization.

The bank had conveniently concealed this information, and would have maintained their story of access through the mobile app if I had not found those emails.

I do not believe that the bank did not have these emails since they were sent to the bank’s email address and responded to by the same staff, Tony Adia, who responded to an email from me on 29/12/2023 after money was stolen from the same account.

I reported this issue to the bank on 19/12/2023 and I was told that I would get feedback as soon as possible however, I have not received response from the bank up to now. I reported this matter to Uganda Police Kira RD S.D REF 100/19/12/2023.








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