Friends of Gen. Muhoozi Contribute UGX200m worth of COVID-19 relief to Bloggers, Students

Team leader

‘Friends and Supporters of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’ Team leader Balaamu Barugahare hands over the relief Packages to Blogger led by Ashburg Katto

Kampala – A section of youthful Ugandans commonly-referring to themselves as Friends and Supporters of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, have contributed over UGX200M worth of COVID-19 relief towards bloggers and students in various universities.

Led by their team Coordinator and events promoter, Balaamu Barugahara, the group has revealed their commitment to supporting fellow Ugandans amidst the hard times regardless of political affiliation in a press statement sent to this website early this week.

“We are Ugandans who support continuity, peace and empowerment for all. We believe and support the NRM Party and Government. We hold no belief in segregation and in this time of need we receive and give to humanity regardless of political affiliation,” read a statement issued by their team leader, Balaam.

Some of the items contributed for donation included 2,500 food packages to the Covid-19 National Task Force, 120 food packages to bloggers headed by social media blogger Ashburg Katto totalling to 94 people plus other retired 26 media personalities in need, 245 Packages Assorted to the yellow influencers, 40 packages for the Aba Banda Ba Kaguta living in Kampala surrounding Ghetto and 95 packages for the widows of servicemen.

In unveiling their contributions, Promoter Balaam disclosed that the donation was not part of the Government but a private member’s contribution – rubbishing early claims that they were state-sponsored.

“As such, our donation is not part of the Government giant program, it is private individual Members’ contribution who operate in respect to the guidelines put in place when donating to the worst-hit groups during the Covid-19 crisis,” Balaam added.

List of the Beneficiaries

  1. ASHBURG KATTO➡ Facebook ✅
  2. UGAMAN KING➡️ Twitter ✅
  3. RAY SUPASTA➡ Facebook ✅
  4. RYAN ATILUK ➡ News 24 Ug ✅
  5. ISAAC SSEJOMBWE➡ Monitor Online✅
  6. BRIAN KISTA➡ Facebook ✅
  7. PENDO ALDRINE➡ Twitter✅
  8. MWEBYA FREDDIE Ugaman➡ Twitter✅
  9. MC IBRA➡️ Youtube✅
  10. PIZ CLAK➡ Facebook ✅
  11. ISMA OLAXESS ART➡️ Vlogger✅
  12. JOSEPH WASHINGTON➡ Facebook ✅
  13. MARCELLA MUGISHA ➡ Sqoop Online✅
  14. ROSE BASEMERA➡ Youtube✅
  15. OGWAL LAWRANCE➡ Sqoop Online✅
  16. SSEMWANGA MUSA➡ Facebook✅
  17. ISANGA BRIAN➡ E News Ug✅
  18. DANIELLA NANYONGA➡ Facebook✅
  19. TOMMY LEE UGANDA➡ Facebook✅
  20. BALAAM BOB➡ Howebiz. Biz✅
  21. DEVOSH MATOVU➡ Youtube✅
  22. BRIDGET BLESSINGS➡ Chimp Reports✅
  23. MARY NAMBWAYO➡ Xrated Ug. ✅
  24. KAYCEY BERRY➡ Fashion/IG✅
  25. DEMO RILEY➡ Facebook✅
  26. GLORIA HAGUMA➡️ Fashion/Sqoop✅
  27. DICTATOR AMIR➡ Facebook✅
  28. DIMITAR KUSHY➡ Facebook
  29. COOKIE PROMOZ➡Youtube✅
  30. ABDUL SSEMPIJJA➡ Facebook✅
  31. STUART KAGORO➡ Big Eye ✅
  32. DDAMULIRA MAURICE➡ Facebook✅
  33. ODEKE STEVEN➡ Twitter
  34. STANLEY MUKOOZA ➡ Monitor Online✅
  35. ALLAN CRUZ➡ Youtube✅
  36. ELLY APULI➡ pepper online ✅
  37. SOLOMON MULEYI➡ Urbanite Ug✅
  39. SMITH SADIC➡ XpressUg✅
  40. SEAN MUSA CARTER➡ Youtube✅
  41. AMITO MITRA➡ Youtube✅
  42. DENIS DUKE➡ Youtube✅
  43. MR. MUSINGUZI➡ Youtube✅
  44. NABZ ARAH➡ Youtube✅
  45. ERINAH TL➡ Youtube✅
  46. JAY MAX UG➡ Youtube✅
  47. VICTORIA NANNOZI➡ Youtube✅
  48. MWESIGWA FREDDIE➡ Facebook✅
  49. PIRATE MULWANA➡ Twitter✅
  50. METHIA NABAWANDA➡ Twitter✅
  51. FINE BOY KERA➡ Twitter✅
  52. WAKABI BRIAN➡ Facebook✅
  53. SESA BAT➡️ Facebook&YouTube✅
  54. WAMALA UGANDA➡️ YouTube✅
  55. NDAWULA STANLEY➡️ The Investigator ✅
  56. WALUKUKA JAKO➡️ Investigator✅
  57. I-OCTAIN DAVIE➡️ Runtown Ug✅
  58. PATRICK➡️ Chimpreport
  59. SHIBAH MAWEJJE➡️ TikTok✅
  60. IBRA ATAKOGGA➡️ Wolokoso Xtra✅
  61. BLANK TYRE➡️ Facebook✅
  62. KEEM LOVE➡️ Snapchat ✅
  63. SULA FLEXIBLE➡️ HG Reporter✅
  64. SHAMY CAMEL➡️ Instagram ✅
  65. ALI ALJEFRI➡️ BatoBurg Media ✅
  66. RIVERS ISAIAH➡️ Babandule
  67. KS Brian➡️ Facebook
  68. KAVUMA LAWRENCE DACOTA➡️ Facebook 0772362240
  69. ONELORD KAYZ➡️ NBS Uncut ✅
  70. KAFUKO PETER➡️ NBS Uncut ✅
  71. ALEX➡️ Spark Livewire ✅
  72. KINGS RICHARD➡️ Facebook ✅
  73. DIUS WALUGEMBE➡️ Radio4 ✅
  74. MASEMBE EMIRIYANO➡️ Ani Asinga✅
  75. GEORGE MOGUL➡️ Facebook ✅
  76. LUKIT KIIRO➡️ Twitter ✅
  77. COCO➡️ Spark Livewire ✅
  78. WILLY BYARABAHA➡️ Showbiz Ug ✅
  79. ESSIE HOUSTON➡️ Facebook ✅
  81. TRUMP LIVE➡️ Facebook
  82. JACOB SPRAGA➡️ Luotune Ug ✅
  83. MOSES WAMALA➡️ YouTube ✅
  84. DAVID ISABIRYE➡️ Kawoowo sport
  85. Shawn Davis Kawalya ➡️ Ug Mirror/Campus Bee
  86. DIXON BOND OKELLO➡️ Sports blogger ✅
  87. CLAUD MUHIGIRWA➡️ Xclusive Ug ✅
  88. NICHOLAS MWESIGWA➡️ Trumpet News ✅
  89. EMMY OMONGIN➡️ Campus Bee
  90. Afuna Badru➡️ Kyakala
  91. BRIAN MWESIGWA➡️ Mirror ✅
  92. STEVEN MUNEZA➡️ The local ✅
  93. MAHSEN SHARIF➡️ Eyo TV ✅
  94. 0775449271 Yiga John Matovu
  95. 0702223637 Rara Cheune
  96. 0758480625 KS Brian

A one Isaac Nuwamanya – based in Kashari, contributed 200,000 quality seedlings set to be distributed to farmers in Central and Western Uganda in efforts to strengthen food security in the country

The ‘Friends of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’ as they prefer to identify themselves, extended their gratitude to President Museveni for his leaders, and the National anti-COVID-19 taskforce for the relentless fight against the pandemic

Promoter Balaamu, the group’s team Coordinator, equally – in a special way, thanked Hon. Karooro Okurut for immediately acting on the team’s effort and response in helping a section of 395 Ugandans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

“Last week we approached her for urgent assistance to needy citizens, which she (Hon. Karooro) immediately approved and provided 395 assorted food packages comprised of Posho, Beans, Rice (2kgs each). The groups comprised of the elderly and children around Kampala. Thank you very much maama and we pledge to keep giving to humanity and supporting our Government Programs,” said Balaam

The group also challenged Ugandans to adhere to the guidelines set by the Government and Ministry of Health to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in Uganda.

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