From Engineering class to Music studio Singer Athen Lyre spills secrets


Fast rising star Singer Athen Lyre is the boy of the moment. His dream started way back when he enrolled for a sound Engineering course at university, he later found his way to working at the airport. He then ventured into studio and music to live his dream. There is no Radio, TV station that doesn’t play Athen Lyre’s  Music. Today, Athen is one of the fast-rising singers getting on top of the Ugandan music industry.

Our reporter tracked him down  and shared his success story with us. Read ;


You have very good music out here, why did you delay to conquer the UG music industry?


Well, first of all, allow me to thank you for appreciating my talent , and my records as a musician, Thank you indeed . Back to Answering your question, it’s very difficult to penetrate into the Ugandan music industry When you not on ground, I mean, I am in South Africa, I can’t be played as an artist who is on ground, so I think, I need to get back home and people will definitely have to get know the taste sound that comes out of me.


When did you actually start music professionally?


I started music on a Professional level, in 2015 , when i won the “East Rand Search for Talent in 2015” that were held at Emperors palace Barnyard Theatre, Making me the first foreign musician to win the audition so that gave me confidence to kick start me off, knowing am good at what i do. ( Music)


How do you promote your music because you’re based in South Africa?

It’s not very easy as it seems or spoken, but i always try to do my best, to reach to prominent Tv personalities, Media Personalities to help get my records exposed out there because they are really good for my people’s ears.


You have a well-established record label in SA, helped musicians and done all, where do you get resources to handle this?


Yes, that’s very true, I own a record label, called “The Music Venom Ent of Africa” and yes it’s true I’ve recently signed a young fresh talent “Belindah”, to help light a candle …..

But going back to your answer, I’m also signed to an American Record label owned by a “Billionare Jose Duran”, so the deal came with a certain amount of money, that i won’t disclose, hence me  using some of that money to invest in something that i know very well and understand very well.

So by me signing artists under my “label”, you all know that harvests come from sowing.


You recently signed a hot female singer Belindah. Rumor has it that you push her music and also handle her bedroom needs. How true is that?


Rumors are always imaginations of people, but not the reality in real life, I signed “Belindah”, gave her my vision, and she loved it, so all I want and wish for her is to do and deliver good music to our loved fans.

I am not interested or have no intentions of having her into my bed, I’m Professional, and i keep it that way always ….


Your song with Daddy Andre BE HAPPY, has really moved places, who wrote it?


Well the good news is that, we both wrote the song together, me & Daddy Andre,( Co – produced the song together with him), giving him my ideas and he did too hence the birth of BeHappy.  Because am also a good music producer / sound engineer with a Degree in Sound Engineering now .


What is the message you’re trying to put out in that song?


The message is quite simple and direct, Be happy always, don’t worry about life’s challenges, appreciate what you have, and the others you don’t have, will meet you on the way as long as your happy.


Who produced and mastered the song?


Like i said, we co – produced the song together but  Daddy Andre did the Mastering of the final peice.


How did you manage to get Daddy Andre on board?


Daddy Andre is more of a brother to me, we speak every day, so talk about music, he believes in me and my craft, and he always tells me, that am unique and versatile, so that gave me a chance of his attention, so on reaching out to him with the proposal of coming thru, he loved it, and before everyone knew, he was with me.


Away from music, what do you do in SA?


I am a Professional air traffic controller at OR Tambo International Airport / Business man with my own other businesses, I own urber cars etc


What major music honors or awards have you own or been nominated for of late?


Well, there many to be mentioned, But Coke Studio Awards in Zim, Starqt Awards,I have three of those etc


How do you see the UG music industry?


The ugandan music industry firstly, we are talented and above everything, our people love supporting us as long as you do good music.

Take a look at Azawi, she got all the support, and i congratulate her, and her team for her success. So we should that as an example, that once you have good music, then you have full support, and so far that’s the most important issue.


Handsome singers like you are always surrounded by girls, when do you hope to settle down and what kind of a woman do you wish to settle down with?


Hahahahaha, I am so humbled to know from you that I am handsome, I didn’t know at all, and yes you will be surrounded by ladies, but knowing what you want and where you are going, Is important in life.

“I am just a simple man, who just wants someone real and ready to settle. That’s if I get one.”


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