FUFA BIG LEAGUE: Saints Get CRO Game Points


The Saints have been awarded three points and three goals after CRO FC failed to comply with FUFA directives to enable the Federations’s competitions committee refix the aborted game.


FUFA’s Competitions manager Ali Mwebe on January 6th wrote to CRO asking them to compensate The Saints for costs incurred when they failed to honor a December 6th FUFA Big League fixture at Namboole Stadium.

The Saints was ready for CRO and the match officials were also present at Namboole but CRO failed to turn up to play. The Saints and match officials waited for an hour and the game was called off.

CRO later wrote to FUFA saying they had failed to honour the fixture after their vehicle got a mechanical breakdown enroute to Namboole.

FUFA rules are clear and state that in such a scenario the game could be refixed but CRO would have to first compensate The Saints costs for the aborted game.

FUFA duly wrote to CRO giving them the deadline of January 13 to compensate The Saints. CRO failed to comply FCC awarded The Saints three points and three goals in accordance with FUFA rules.

Mwebe wrote: ‘FCC decision emphasized that; ‘Further penalty in accordance to the rules will be taken in case of non compliance…CRO therefore loses the match, three points and three goals to The Saints FC.”

The Saints Chairman Johnson Musinguzi said: “The FUFA rules are clear, every club knows them, as The Saints, we would have wanted to play CRO, we were ready, but the game has rules and they must be respected by all.”

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