Fugitive Lwanga Surfaces In UK

We have landed on exclusive photos of notorious Rick Lwanga, who has been off the scenes after disappearing for years.

London pride

Lwanga was among a group of city notorious youths who were rumoured to recruit peoples’ daughters and sons into abominable sex vices.

Sources reveal that Lwanga could have flown to the UK following rumours that he was engaged into secret gay activism during his time at the university in Uganda, where he  linked up with officials at a certain Pentecostal church who must have helped him to leave the country after the scandal broke.

This has come after fresh pictures emerging of Lwanga partying with a prominent group in the UK called London Friends.

Originally Lwanga was rumoured to have fled to South Africa where most notorious gay youth in Kampala disappeared to in the early 2000s.

Our snoops reveal that Lwanga developed misunderstanding with his family and community after rumours became rife that he was involved in gay recruitment allegations at the university.

It is said that after sensing danger that he had become a hunted criminal in Lungujja, where he used to stay, he decided to flee to an unknown destination.

He has since joined the list of the likes of Victor Juliet Mukasa, former NTV self-confessed gay reporter Craig Kadoda, ex radio Simba presenter Peterson Sendi, former daily Monitor reporter Val Kalende and other notorious gay activists who exiled themselves.