Gaetano Pressured To Have Kids

Recently, there was rumour that Big Brother Africa sensation and Capital FM presenter Gaetano Juuko Kagwa was unhappy in his five year childless marriage to sexy Enid Keishamanza Rukikaire.

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Gaetano was said to be frustrated at the absence of kids in the pair’s marriage. However, the celebrated media personality has come and trashed talk that his marriage on the rocks.

The bald headed hunky Evening Drive co-host insists that talk of him being unhappy is sheer malice and that he couldn’t be happier with Enid adding that they will have kids when they are ready.

“These rumours are baseless because we shall have kids when we are ready. Maybe next year. I could not have married a more beautiful, more understanding and more virtuous woman. I mean, I run out of adjectives in my life,” says Gaetano.

However, sources close to his family reveal that the radio star is being put under immense pressure by his family to have kids before he ages.

Oddly, the fact that he made out with the South African contestant Abby Plaatjes live on TV who is now married to a Tanzanian tycoon with two kids already seemed to underline Gaetano’s need for children. Gaetano walked Edina down the aisle five years back at St. Francis Chapel-Makerere.

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  1. The couple can visit “Ssenga w’Oluzaalo” also known as “Nsindika Njake” in Makindye opposite the Court. She has a remedy for all sorts of ailments, deficiencies, you name it.

  2. This could be a problem that is from one of them. If you are ready to get married, you are ready to have kids. So Gaetano, stop fooling yourself. Five years is simply decades in making kids time. It’s now or never.

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