The Ganda Boyz Performing at a recent function


Ganda Boys1UK based Uganda singing duo, the Ganda Boyz of Dennis Mugagga and Daniel Sewagudde are in town. Sources say the boys are in town to do an inspiration talk to the Nnabagereka’s royal enclosure ‘ekisaakate’.

The Ekisakatte kya Nabagereka is an annual cultural training conference aimed at promoting Buganda culture. During this conference children are taught how to peel, how to dig, peel and even greet in the Buganda culture.

Children from all tribes and walks of life grace this event annually to be taught morals and kiganda culture. The conference will last almost 3 weeks and will be closed by the Kabaka of Buganda.

The duo formerly known as ‘Da Twinz’ will also check out a few of their charity projects in the country.

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3 thoughts on “Ganda Boyz In Town

  1. They are also –runs that wont stop, give up your music doesn’t do it anymore, you have all passed your sell by date, Ugandans are not interested and you WILL NEVER MAKE IT in the western hemisphere.

  2. how can they give inspirational talks to our people when they are not successful they are important because they have an old muzungu,please can you get our people to be inspired by successful people and not by people who havent got anything sensible to show in life, so they are(WERE) musicians, how is that to inspire our youths. Our youth should be inspired by the likes of Allan Kasujja now working for the BBC, Wilson Kiprotich, Micheal Kiwanuka, Herbie Kawuma,Kwatsi Alibaruho

  3. Will you two guys grow up? They are contributing to their communities by fundraising for charitable projects that help people in Lugazi and Kampala. They helped buy important equipment in hospitals and helped pay medical bills for a boy who had cancer at Mulago. What are you guys doing to improve on your communities, our nation, other than enjoying pork and watching premier league football? What is this? Grow up already!

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