Gen. Muhoozi’s Blue-eyed Boy Katwire Slams NUP Pressure group over transition 


Amos Tayebwa

Days after the launch of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s pressure group Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU), Polly Katwire Karamuzi, the Western Uganda Senior Mobilizer (PLU) has slammed the Kyagulanyi’s NUP that they will not take the power out of malice and sabotage.

According to Katwire, the formation of PLU is the transition in the political agenda of the first Son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba for the road of presidential bid 2026. He said that as former MK Supporters and Mobilizers they realized that they should change from MK Movement to PLU as a civic organization for all the people with one mission for Gen. Muhoozi contest for president.

According to Katwire, PLU is a group of people that supports Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s move for president that is not against the current President Museven’s government unlike other opposition groups that ever sabotage some government programs. He said that the purpose of launching this organization is aiming at the transitioning from His Excellence Museveni to his Son Gen. Kainerugaba.

Katwire has also revealed that most of the Opposition like NUP leaders and members have always attacked Gen. Muhoozi’s intention to stand for president, something he termed as politically malicious against Gen. Muhoozi. He said that NUP people must understand that PLU’s political agenda and objectives are totally different from theirs.

“I want to tell most of the Opposition people like the NUP that Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) is very strong and we are going to remain strong and I am very sure Kyaguranyi’s NUP group is not really seen as our competitors. Kyagulanyi is very weak and he cannot manage Gen. Kainerugaba. I actually advise him to go back to the music industry because he cannot be the president of Uganda when there is Gen. Kainerugaba.  You cannot be fighting to be presidential material and you start sabotaging government programs” said Katwire.

“I wouldn’t mind if Kyaguranyi would be highlighting his ambitions to fighting corruption in Uganda, his focus is mainly abusing, sabotaging and fighting Gen. Muhoozi and the Government of President Museveni. We all believe that corruption in Uganda is a very big challenge and the President has tried to fight it but failed because of his greedy and corrupt officials who hide under him.  But for us we believe in our generational president Gen. Kainerugaba that he will not tolerate corruption in Uganda. Gen. Muhoozi is committed to fighting against corruption in Uganda and he has mentioned it on several occasions and that is why some people who are corruption victims are trying to fight him because of panic” said Katwire.

PLU was recently launched in Kampala by a group of individuals rallying the first son Gen. Kainerugaba to contest for President. This was launched by the Chief Guest Capt.  Mike Mukula, a member of the Central Executive Committee of the National Resistance Movement Party (NRM).

The aim of the Patriotic League of Uganda is to work towards reviving in Ugandans a spirit of good citizenship, national pride, national service, protection of vulnerable persons, combating corruption and wastage of public resources, and protection of the environment.

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