Gen. Saleh, Mengo officials Strike Deal To Sack Mirundi

Tamale Mirundi

Buganda Kingdom has mounted fresh pressure on President Yoweri Museveni to sack his press secretary Tamale Mirundi.

Tamale Mirundi
Tamale Mirundi

Last Friday afternoon, a powerful delegation from Mengo led by Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s younger brother Prince David Wasajja held a meeting with President Museveni’s younger brother Gen. Salim Saleh.

The meeting took place at Saleh’s Garuga residence.

During the meeting, Wasajja and his team requested Saleh to prevail over his brother Museveni to sack Mirundi for his continued media attacks against Mengo.

Wasajja listed top Mengo officials that have not served Mirundi’s verbal attacks including the Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, Buganda Land Board head, Kiwalabye Male and Buganda’s constitutional affairs minister Apollo Makubuya.

Wasajja stated that Mirundi attacks the aforementioned Mengo officials every evening during his daily radio programmes on different radio stations in the country.

In response, Saleh told Wasajja that he does not have powers to sack Mirundi.

He noted that such powers rest with President Museveni as Mirundi’s appointing authority.

He promised to secure for the Mengo team a meeting with Museveni to table their request.

The Mengo team was excited when Saleh promised to enable them meet Museveni.

This is not the first time that Mengo is lobbying for Mirundi’s sacking.

During the 2009 riots, Buganda officials lobbied Museveni to sack Mirundi after Mengo yielded to central government pressure and removed opposition firebrands from the kingdom’s mouthpiece Radio, CBS.

Mirundi and Mengo’s irreconcilable differences are traceable to 2005 when Mirundi quit CBS radio.

At the time, Mirundi together with Medi Nsereko Sebuliba were having a Sunday programme which dealt on a number of historical and political events in the country.

However, Mirundi fled after he rejected then Managing Director Kaya Kavuma’s directive to market Buganda’s quest for Federo.

Mirundi’s decision riled Kavuma so much yet months before, he had secured him a loan from Cairo Bank.

When Mirundi shifted to other radio stations, he went on to attack Mengo.

Mengo as well launched a counterattack against Mirundi through jingles designed by CBS programmes manager Abbey Mukiibi. Later CBS gave up on anti Mirundi jingles.

Mengo is not alone among those that have hitherto complained to Museveni for being attacked by Mirundi.

Before he was sacked by Museveni as the vice president, Prof. Gilbert Bukenya complained that Mirundi was disrespectful to him as vice president.

Museveni met the two parties but no ceasefire resolution was reached.

Former premier Amama Mbabazi as well complained to Museveni before he was sacked.

Mirundi at the time attacked Mbabazi accusing him of sabotaging the government he was still serving as the prime minister.

Museveni later sacked Mbabazi after several security briefs confirmed that Mbabazi was nurturing presidential ambitions against his boss.

Kampala Capital City director Jenifer Musisi Semakula is also in Mirundi’s line of fire. Musisi as well complained to Museveni to do something against Mirundi but the president is yet to react.

Others that have beleaguered relations with Mirundi include; former FDC leader Col. Kizza Besigye, Mulwanyamuli Semwogerere, ministers; Asuman Kiyingi, Nyombi Thembo, Frank Tumwebaze, Sam Engola and Zurbabel Nyiira Mijumbi.

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