BY James Mugerwa

I am dismayed by the patronizing remarks made by General Sejusa today.  Sejusa’s scare mongering is utterly irresponsible coming from a certified egregious man. We all know that he bears a grudge with Musisi, but that is not the point, the point is whether Sejusa has a moral standing to condemn acts of brutality and even whether he has the credentials to interfere with policy at the KCCA.  This government is undergoing a huge transformation that is inclined on change, change that brings with it effects we are seeing, but all the same change for the better of our city and country.


Sejusa desperately resorts to patriotic drums of the 1981 – 1986 bush war, in that ‘some of those being displaced helped during the struggle’. I find this incredulous and heavy veiled in deceit simply because this government has been in power for 27 years, those who helped in the struggle have benefitted for the same amount of time, however even more suspect is the fact that the majority of Kampalans are between the age of 20-40 which either puts them to not being born or having been below 15 during the struggle, clearly hardly the people who helped as Sejusa puts it. The current Ugandan seeks to break the cycle of the liberation war being a license to impunity, the same sentiments that have been used as an excuse to rampant corruption. This assertion is counterproductive as a standalone.


The second assertion is that of violence and disruption of social life. Clearly this again makes Sejusa sound like a lazy doctor who chooses to amputate the whole leg instead of removing the jigger. Tinyefuza is a senior security figure who should be doing his job to ensure that both Musisi and Kampalans work in a safe environment. He cannot then ask the other to make his job easier. It is a tough call nevertheless the one he has to answer. I doubt that he is afraid of change, or may be he is frightened of what comes with the changes. Tinyefuza is a legal and military expert who does not know anything about planning and modernizing the city, he should stick to his docket. He is always the first man to condemn those who question military workings. We Ugandans did not condemn and or even ask him why Alshabab bombed us in Kampala, we instead questioned the President, the bombings were simply the single and most brutal attack and loss of life of Ugandans during peace time. Did we ask him why that happened???? We did not because we don’t know the workings of the security organizations.


He talks about lawlessness and impunity. I think this is an insult to anyone who knows the General. This is information that is in the public domain that tells a completely different story from the letter he wrote.

1.    He attends a police station to make a complaint. He is asked to wait like everyone else. He asks the police officer is he knows who he is, officer replys ‘I don’t know you sir’. He slaps and flogs the fella. Criminal complaint made against him, he settles out of court.

2.    While overseeing the operation against Lakwena. He beats, incarcerates and flogs Omara Atubo.

3.    His truck driver is lynched by an angry mob mistaken for a cattle robber, he in turn deploys truck loads of soldiers, flogs and canes the whole village.

4.    Black Mamba siege. (though actionable legally). It is again rumored that he gave the orders for that operation. This move was classified as the biggest constitutional crisis post 1986. Me I say it was legal though mismanaged.

5.    Again as a high ranking security officer, how does he then reconcile the treatment of some opposition people by the police. What has he done internally to stop the same?


I respect the general because of his legendary military and discipline attributes, but this time I think he is out of his depth. We were hoping that for the first time Musisi and or the IGG can do their chores without fear or favor. We were hoping that for the first time Ugandans will no longer have to live in the shadows of the liberation struggle and security scares. Tinye seems to be well deep entrenched against such dreams. I say he should let people get on with their jobs. Instead he should be lecturing Ugandans on how to respect and adhere to law enforcement officers, everytime someone is flogged, it is because they are resisting lawful arrest, I am not sure if Tinye realizes that the message he is sending is if someone resists arrest, leave them alone. That is wrong because I would like to see someone dare resist Tinyes orders.

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  1. Get your facts right man! Sejusa is an accomplice of the current regime , do not blame him alone!

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