Germany Suspends Aid To Uganda Over OPM Scandal

Ex Premier Amama Mbabazi

Premier Amama Mbabazi’s Office has been at the center of the corruption scandal that has seen aid suspended to Uganda

Germany has become the latest European nation to suspend financial assistance to the republic of Uganda over the mismanagement scandal that has since rocked the office of the Prime Minister, and the country’s alleged support for M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The scandal in the office of the Prime Minister that has caused heads to roll over the embezzlement of money worth Shs 50 billion meant for the recovery of Northern Uganda from two decades of war has seen a host of European nations Britain, Denmark, Norway and Ireland suspend aid to the east African nation.

Although Germany did not put a figure to the amount being suspended, German International Development Minister Dirk Niebel said the move was in line with the European country’s high regard for responsible governance.

“We thereby send a clear message … (Aid) is an expression of our highest trust in responsible governance by our cooperation partners” he said.

He added that Germany was concerned about  the allegations that the East African nation was providing support to m23 rebels who have caused mayhem in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo leaving an estimated 500, 000 people displaced.

Last month, a UN Group Of Experts Report accused Uganda and Rwanda of supporting the M23 rebels who less than two weeks ago captured the eastern DRC city of Goma.

The pending anti homosexuality bill that seeks to further criminalize homosexuals in Uganda was also cited as another reason why Germany was upset with the direction the Kampala government is taking.

In 2009, Ndorwa West Member of Parliament David Bahati tabled before Parliament a bill that seeks to criminalize homosexuality with clauses proposing the death penalty although it was shelved following criticism from a host of western nations.

Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda.

Early this year, the legislator revealed plans to resurrect the bill and according to recent media reports, the speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga promised to expedite the passing of the bill as a “Christmas gift” to Ugandans.

The clause that seeks the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality has since been dropped from the bill.

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10 thoughts on “Germany Suspends Aid To Uganda Over OPM Scandal

  1. I pay taxes ,but idont see any change in development social all countries must stop their aid.

    1. I changes! Politians are getting richer and the Army is buying more miritary hard ware by the taxes you pay!!
      Officals flying through 1st class to useless trips abroad! Their Children staying abroad etc

  2. they are building a kleptocracy in the history of uganda. but it will collapse like the ancient west african kingom of songhai. the rulers were taken by surprise up to now they cant tell how drammatically their kingdom disintegrated.

  3. Finally the curtain has dropped. The media in Uganda take this opportunity and show the northern people in Uganda who these funds where meant for.and show what the money was used for instead we know all the properties that have been purchased by these goons around Kampala and their banks. The media rise above the norm,have some guts.

  4. hold on hold on, if we pay taxes and dont see a thing means we are already suffering, if aids is cut then we have nothing to loose, since that damn aid is never reaches to us anyways.

    Juts cut ur aid and leave us alone

  5. AID doesn’t mean anything to the ordinary Ugandans, it is only for the reach. Let all donors cut AID so it cuts on %age of illicit wealth of all those implicated. Govt and the DPP should also recover what was stolen.

  6. i hate this country simply because of corruption that has been here for so long since Amin left power. i wish he was i live, he never tolerated any kind of corruption in his government even cheating by the Indian, there was Economic balance, drug in the hospital, good rood and, market for local production. Oh Amin may your soul rest in peace.

  7. Afta Germany suspends Aid to Uganda over the OPM Money,so let odo countries also stop giving uganda Aid.The poor ugandans wil suffer en da richer wil bkam rich.Congs Germany,cut of yo Aid.Tororo-Mbale road is n a complete mess that driving vehicle az bkam hard.

  8. This is the simple way for Ugandans to learn a lesson. We are still poor and beggers, we have no choice. Uganda is not the first country to misappropriate donar funds. Actually, there is many countries which have mishandled the donar funds in trillions, and no action was taken to discpline thieves by their governments, and the donars never stopped their support. In Uganda, this is not the first time such incident is happening. Now the question to all Ugandans should be, why cut the funds now. Does cutting the funds help poor people? does it put adquate medicines in our hospitals? does it improve our road network in the entire country? No it does not do any good to the poor people who needs that support.

    There is two issues we should look at and accept the donars to take their money. Lets not fight or abuse each other. Unless we are willing to do one or two things we are expected to do.

    1. The donars are facing financial difficulties in their respective countries, they were looking for away of stopping the support so that, they can pay much attention to their own peoples problems. Kibuyaga nasula.

    2. You were told that you must legalize hormosexal activities, you refused, some donars were straight open, and told you frankly that if you dont eat kisiyaga, no more money. Others were looking for away of telling you that you must practice hormosexal, if not we are stopping our support. The chance availed itself to them. They have stopped it.

    Why is it that when the old woman disapears in darkiness at night, and in the morning Mr hyena is when he vomits grey hair.

    Recently the speaker went to canada and responded to those who think that they are mighty with a strong voice. When they wanted us to eat what they eat so that we are in good books. Actually, the speaker responded in the richman’s voice and told them openly and reminded them that we are not under them and they should not tell us what to eat and what is sweet for us. They did not take it well at all. It was received worldwide, and the work plan to force you do what they want and what you seems not to accept started right away.

    So what you are reading in papers or seeing on TVs and reading on wire is the results of those two important issues. Do homosexal, get the money, and even if you steal it dont expect donar cut. So prepare you batts if you feel that we should have the money, or protect your values and suffer because the donar cut their aid to Uganda. Sente yekibi gije muyiyo.

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