GoodLyfe Crew Arrested At Airport

GoodLyfe singers Weasel and Moze Radio


Troublesome GoodLyfe Crew boys Weasel and Moze were last Friday held for four hours at Entebbe International airport over trying to sneak in goods without paying taxes. According to snoops, the singing duo jetted in at around 6:00am aboard Fly Emirates from China where they had gone for shows. However, there a misunderstanding as in check in agents realized some of their luggage had not been declared for inspection.

“Some of the items needed to be cleared by revenue agents and they hadn’t declared them. So they were brought in for questioning to know their motive” an agent revealed. Apparently, items in question included clothes, shoes, ipads and musical equipment. They were later made to pay for half of things. They were later seen cursing claiming they are being held hostage in their own country.

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