GoodLyfe Splits

GoodLyfe crew, one of Uganda’s most popular music labels, has split. Some of the members have quit and formed their own group – Hi Lyfe Crew. Sources in Makindye reveal that members quit out of frustration, resulting mainly from the manager, Jeff Kiwanuka.
“GoodLyfe started to help the so called upcoming musicians realize their big dreams by providing not only financial support, but also guidance and focus. Sadly, this hasn’t been the case. Members just kept bolting,” one Makindye source said.
For years, it has been highly suggested that the star singers, Radio and Weasel could also have quit GoodLyfe but they are ‘tied’ to their manager Jeff.
Some of the members who have quit are Red Banton, Diamond Oscar, Ssizaman Kayemba, and Kenny Bread. Top producer, Washington left a few months back to join Back 2 Life Crew although he still produces some of their songs.

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  1. bravo! me i have real appreciated that idea of spliting goodlyfe into two crews. Money has a grantee but life has no reverse. So their being seperate makes now them to understand better than before.

  2. we don’t give a damn about quitters, actually u were sluggish as regards achieving

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