Government to Create “Mountain Police to Climb Rwenzori”

Lt Col Paddy Ankunda

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) spokesperson Paddy Ankunda has revealed that police will establish a mountain police division that will be responsible for policing the often restive mountains of Rwenzori.

Lt Col Paddy Ankunda
Lt Col Paddy Ankunda

While appearing on NBS on Thursday morning, Paddy Ankunda said “mountain police” is needed because of the unique nature of the region.

“Rwenzori terrain is unique. Police are incapable. We are going to train soldiers capable of mountain warfare,” he said.

Ankunda said UPDF is redeploying at Omusinga Charles Mumbere’s palace in Kasese but on condition that royal guards withdraw. He revealed that “omusinga has accepted.”

“There is no bad blood between UPDF and the Omusinga. We had temporarily withdrawn to avoid parallel deployment,” he said.

However David Pulkol, a security analyst said the army is telling a naked lie about the situation in Rwenzori.

“We need a better explanation on moving an entire battalion to deal ‘with a few criminals’! Has the entire region been taken over by these few criminals?” Pulkol asked.

He argued that instead of winning the hearts and minds of the people from the beginning, security forces started out with hostility.

Ankunda said deployment is intended not only to those behind Rwenzori clashes but to the rebels across the border in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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