Govt Puts Off Uganda Airlines Project To 2019

The revival of the Uganda Airline has been pushed to April 2019.

State Minister for Finance, David Bahati said that cabinet on Monday discussed the essentials of reviving Uganda Airlines such as financing and operation model. The cabinet, he said agreed to move on with the project.

“Cabinet agreed to move on with the Uganda Airline project,” Bahati said. “The technical issues which we have been discussing, we have now agreed that we work out a technical programme and we hope by March or April 2019 we will have our first flight launched,” he added.

The Works and Transport Minister, Engineer Monica Ntege Azuba two months ago had promised that Uganda Airline flight would be launched by December. She said government ordered for four aircrafts of Bombardier type, Azuba with 80 to 100 passenger capacity and will in 2019 purchase two Airbus A330 series 800 wide – twin-engine propeller aircrafts.

Bahati said Ministry of Finance and Works had earlier completed technical evaluations which would achieve the revival of the airline in December but cabinet members had many questions.
“We want to make sure that we are doing the project the right way, getting the right assets, using the right procedure and we agreed on all those issues,” he said.

The government budgeted 139 billion shillings in the revamping of the airline in the 2018/19 financial year. The government needs at least 1.3 trillion shillings to purchase 6 aircrafts as intended.

Government, Bahati, said is in talks with some financiers. “We are looking at different possibilities including the EXIM banks of different countries. I think you’re all excited about this project,” he said.

Revamping Uganda Airlines was top of President, Yoweri Museveni’s must-do list after 2016 presidential elections.

During the Inauguration of the cabinet in October 2016, Museveni directed the line ministry to commence work on the task. Museveni argued that “a national airline would help the country save US$420 million per year that Ugandans spend on travel.

The national airline will also create jobs and career opportunities for children who train as pilots at Soroti Flying School.


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4 thoughts on “Govt Puts Off Uganda Airlines Project To 2019

  1. Years back government indicated it had secured money to develop airports like Kasese. Nothing is in place yet. Now this other venture of airline, why not implement protects systematically as panned

  2. We told them but because they thought they knew everything, they went around chest thumping!
    You can’t run a national airline basing on just wishful thinking.
    You dont have the right mechanisms, systems and models to run such a project, and you talk of starting it in December 2018?

    And talking of purchasing the aircrafts, how can u talk of such purchases with a paltry USD 1.2m? Isn’t that insanity?

    Then you talk of saving Ugandans USD 240m per year in air transport. Interesting.
    So basing on M7’s assumption, all Rwandese fly RwandAir? Or KQ only flies with Kenyans?
    There are so many factors passengers consider before flying with an airline.

    That’s why you will see a South African flying extensively with KQ to Johansburg yet SA is there.
    If you toy M7’s wishing, ask RwandAir.

    Lets just improve on our Airport facility at Entebbe, ensure we follow ICAO, IATA and ISAGO standards, good political environment so that manufacturing improves. This will increase our exports and more imports. Then the international airlines will fly here more and join more.
    Otherwise CAA is over taxing them out of Entebbe and into the hands of Nairobi, Dar-es-Salaam and Kigali airports.
    Save those billions yo intending for Uganda Airlines and improve the economy.

  3. so from December 2018 to April 2019, who does not know the dynamics of Ugandan politics where the young politicians have taken advantage of museveni’s old age to MIS advise him for the benefit of their selfish interests. talking of employment. who is not in a sobber mind to see the levels unfair, unequal and tribal employment. let’s take a study on the number of Westerners in CAA(Entebbe airport) you hardly see any other tribe not even the baganda on which their land sits the airport. even the same westerners has lots of incompetence in work and customer care.

  4. i think everything would be simpler and better in such a ventur,if the officials in charge of revermping our airline don’t get corruption fever

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