Gov’t Tasked to Investigate Sharp Price Increase of Soap, Cooking Oil

Kampala – The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) has tasked the government to investigate the rising prices of soap and cooking oil saying it is unclear what is causing the trend.

The statistics body said this in the wake of commodity inflation hitting a 3.7% mark in the country at the end of March.

Chris Mukiza, the executive director UBOS says there could be some players in the market who are deliberately and unfairly engineering the rise in prices of soap and cooking oil, insisting that the argument of tax and import duty doesn’t arise in this particular case.

“Something wrong is going on when it comes to the price of soap and cooking oil. The tax on soap took effect in July. Assuming there was a lag effect, our data shows that by July the prices had not changed considerably. The government needs to investigate this matter,” Chris Mukiza, executive director of UBOS said.

Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) had earlier indicated that prices of soap and other detergents had gone by 85 per cent.

A bar of soap is selling at as high shs10,000 in some areas of the country from shs3000. In February, manufacturers blamed an import duty that the government slapped on a vital raw material for causing the price hike.

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