Gov’t to Give Legal support FDC’s Mugumya

Sam Mugumya

Gov’t to Give Legal support FDC’s Mugumya

The government will provide legal representation to Sam Mugumya, former aide to Dr. Kizza Besigye who is under detention in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This was revealed by the Minister for Security, Gen. Henry Tumukunde following a debate on a Statement he presented to Parliament on the security situation in the country, on 25th August 2016.

Gen. Tumukunde said that Uganda is as concerned about the life of Mugumya as it is with so many other Ugandans in detention in foreign countries. He added that he will consult with the relevant authorities in view of supporting Mugumya.

“I will consult the Minister of Justice and if we ascertain that Mugumya is not properly represented, we can facilitate him before the courts of law,” he said.

The Security Minister was responding to the Leader of the Opposition Hon. Winfred Kiiza and Hon. Wilfred Niwagaba who inquired about the action taken by the government in supporting Mugumya who has been in detention in the DRC for close to two years now.

“Can Sam Mugumya and the other Ugandans detained in Congo be repatriated and tried in Uganda? These people will soon be before the court martial,” Hon. Winfred Kiiza asked.

Hon. Niwagaba demanded that the FDC activist should be repatriated the same way government did for two security officers who were arrested in the DRC recently.

“These two intelligence officers were returned to Uganda within two days of their arrest after government intervention. Why can’t the Executive do the same for Mugumya?” he asked.

Tumukunde assured the House that government will ensure that Mugumya is properly prosecuted.

“We are a country that cares for its people. Mugumya concerns us the same way as other Ugandans who have faced similar situations in other countries,” he added.

Butambala County MP, Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi sought to know from the Minister what the status of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) was.

“Can we know the strength of the ADF? One time the President said they were left with just five people and now you are saying it is a serious threat.”

Gen. Tumukunde in response said that the ADF is continuing with internal clandestine recruitment and radicalisation activities.

He however, assured the MPs that security was vigilant and has put in place measures to prevent any attacks.

“Government is putting in place combat measures and has undertaken programmes to de-radicalise the targeted individuals and communities. We are also working with DRC to address the problem,” he stated.

Source: Parliamentary News

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