GUN ATTACKS: Police Issues Stringent Gun Controls

Police Chief Kale Kayihura
Police Chief Kale Kayihura

Police has issued stringent guidelines to its members to secure police installations and prevent any infiltration into the force. In a March 18th memo, Grace Turyagumanawe, the Director of Operations warns of attacks targeting police stations, outposts, armories, and private security guards with the aim of grabbing guns. Turyagumanawe warns that there is general laxity and lack of security consciousness at police station, outposts and barracks. According to the memo, Turyagumanawe directs police personnel to be vigilant in regard to access control.

Turyagumanawe urge police commanders in their respective units to ensure that unfamiliar individuals especially those from sister security agencies in uniform identify themselves. The directive that has been pinned at all police installations comes just weeks after thugs attacked Mpala police station and robbed a gun. Turyagumanawe urges commanders to keep an inventory of all the weapons under their control and report all cops who are absent from work without authorization and deserters for action.

He urged commanders to register all residents in the barracks with the view to activate neighborhood watch to ensure there is no infiltration by criminal elements. Turyagumanawe advises commanders to deploy dedicated police personnel to guard the barracks, police stations, outposts and armory. He cautioned against lone deployments of personnel and urged personnel not to move alone. The Operations Director told commanders to enhance physical force visibility through robust deployments of foot, motorized and surveillance patrol at vulnerable areas and vital installations.

Turyagumanawe warns that, unit commanders will be held personally responsible if there are any cases of infiltration or loss of firearms to criminal elements should they fail to comply with the directive.

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  1. So now we talk of infiltration of the police!These are the consequences of having a sectarian police force.

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