Health Experts To Investigate Mubende Strange Disease

Dr Asuman Lukwago,the Health Ministry's Permanent Secretary says government realizes there is a problem and is doing all that is necessary to sort it out.

Dr Asuman Lukwago, the Health  Ministry's Permanent Secretary
Dr Asuman Lukwago, the Health Ministry’s Permanent Secretary

Uganda’s Ministry of Health has dispatched a team of medical experts to Mubende district to investigate the outbreak of a strange disease that occurred at the beginning of this week.

The disease which is said to cause excessive heat around one’s chest, itching in the neck and within a few hours of contraction, the patient starts vomiting and bleeding through the nose and the mouth. It also causes diarrhoea and a high fever. It broke out early this week and has raised Ebola fears among the locals due to its similar symptoms.

The Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr Asuman Lukwago confirmed that cases of the strange illness had been reported to them saying they were following it up. The disease has since claimed the lives of five people.

On Thursday, Doctors from Mubende District visited the two villages affected by a strange disease to study the way it spreads from one person to another. They took blood samples and interviewed residents about the disease which is still strangeHealth Ministry Investigates Mubende Strange Disease

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