Health Ministry Clarifies on Video recorded by COVID-19 Patient citing worrying conditions

Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng checks the thermal scanner. (PHOTO: File)

MOH PRO Emmanuel Ainebyoona

Kampala – The Ministry of Health has moved to dismisses claims raised an asymptomatic COVID-19 female patient, labelling them ‘gross exaggerations’

In a statement issued Sunday, Health MInistry PRO Emmanuel Ainebyona sought to clarify on the video recorded a one, Aliona of the conditions at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital.

“The patient who recorded the video arrived at the Hospital about two days ago after she tested and was found positive for COVID-19 at Mutukula border point trying to cross to Tanzania,” said Ainebyoona clarifying on the ‘gross exaggerations’ by the patient.

“Preliminary epidemiological reports indicate that the patient was trying to travel to South Korea through Tanzania. Unfortunately, this did not happen after her sample was confirmed for COVID-19,” added Ainebyoona

A one, Aliona Mary, who identified herself as a former nurse, revealed that conditions at the Masaka Referral Hospital in Masaka District, where asymptotic COVID-19 patients are being treated from are “pathetic”

“The conditions in this hospital are really horrible. We rarely see doctors, doctors just come in to just drop a medication that has no name for us to use,” she says adding they are put in a section that had been abandoned many years ago.

“We [women] are mixed here with children. Weren’t even in our private rooms. We are just mixed up here. We are just so disappointed and hurt. The women here have been crying and everyone has said something you can just imagine.” Aliona revealed

Ainebyoona revealed that the increased number of male COVID-19 patients took the decision to set up a temporary shelter for females.

Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng and PM Ruhakana Rugunda

“With an increase in the numbers of Males diagnosed with COVID-19, the Hospital administration took a decision and improvised a temporary structure to cater for female patients as a measure to avert potential challenges that may occur when the males’ mix with females,” Health Ministry PRO revealed.

The Ministry of Health revealed that Masaka Regional Referral Hospital had been mandated to offers a wide range of services, including non-COVID-19 specialised services.

However, with the outbreak of the pandemic, the Hospital set aside a 20-bed capacity ward for treating COVID-19 patients.

Ainebyoona revealed that the patients will be transferred to a well-furnished main ward as soon as the renovation works are completed.

“The structure captured in her video was used as an emergency measure as the Hospital expands its bed capacity to over 50 to accommodate more patients,” the Health MInistry PRO revealed.

He added: “The ward captured in the video has a functional electrical and water system, contrary to what the patient alleges. However, the hospital administration has pledged to intensify waste management to ensure good and proper sanitation at all times.”

The Ministry affirmed that patients on isolation were receiving sufficient meals and water’ dismissing claims that they were given meals in little portions as claimed by the patient.

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In the same vein, the Ministry of Health commended all frontline health care workers who have sacrificed their time to attend to patients and guide patients on their prescribed medications.

The Ministry urged all patients to remain calm and strong as they undergo treatment and the psychosocial teams will continue to provide counselling services to all patients.

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