Heavy Drinker Pemba Quits Booze

Heavy Drinker Pemba Quits Booze

Cruising posh cars, hard partying characterized by excessive boozing all night long, bonking city babes is what has defined Tanzanian born socialite and businessman Jackson Pemba ever since he emerged on the social scene a few years back.

However, the Pemba Sports Africa Limited Director has shockingly quit booze if his current lifestyle is anything to by.

The free spending showbiz loving lad who splashes shillings and dollars in city bars was a few days back overheard telling friends at Miki’s Bar in Munyonyo that he is off the pint.

Pemba reasoned that he wants to become a respectable person in society and has therefore ditched his drunkard ways.

He added that because he now deals with very important people in government and the corporate world, he needs to keep a sober mind.

Sources close to Pemba told snoops that he quit booze in May and has been alcohol free for the past six weeks or more.

“Wine, beer and whisky fill every corner and gap of my life. I love drinking, be it for work or pleasure but for six weeks now, I have not tasted booze and I love it,” Pemba is quoted to have told pals at Miki’s Bar.

It however remains to be known how long he can keep sober considering his love for the beer.

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