Hellen Lukoma Parades Bald Eclipse

After social media went crazy over nude photos of various celebrities in the country, Hellen Lukoma a fashion icon seems to be more than interested in the fame that comes with it.


On Instagram recently, Lukoma unleashed her shaved and hairless southern territory in a picture that she posted on her account.

Happily posing for the camera, her would be private parts are viewed from her dress however with no hair whatsoever.

The photo according to her caption was taken at Club Venom on a fashion theme night dubbed Malaikah Night.

The development comes after she previously posted a series of bony flesh reveling photos that reportedly had no effect on men’s ever sharp and on alert machetes.

Despite the fact that nude photos send men into sexual stampedes and scrotal eruptions, Hellen Lukoma’s photos are believed to have no sexual impact whatsoever on the city dudes.


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