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Internal Affairs Minister Hillary Onek was discharged from Hospital on Saturday

Internal Affairs Minister Hillary Onek was discharged from Hospital on Saturday
Internal Affairs Minister Hillary Onek was discharged from Hospital on Saturday

The health of Hospitalized cabinet members Hillary Onek (Internal Affairs) and Eriya Kategaya (First Deputy Prime Minister) is said to be improving, according to Information Minister Mary Karooro Okurut.

Eriya Kategaya was flown to Nairobi Kenya at the weekend for treatment while some media reports claimed that Hillary Onek was this morning taken to a hospital in India after he suffered a stroke.

However, Information minister Mary Karooro Okurut in a statement released on Wednesday said the two Ministers are receiving treatment and their condition is improving stating that Onek was discharged from hospital on Saturday.

In her statement she recognized the concern Ugandans have showed regarding the health of the ministers and called for calm.

Below is the full statement

Hon. Kategaya/Onek Improving

This is to inform Ugandans that the First Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Eriya Kategaya is still in Nairobi Hospital but said to be improving.

His family and doctors this morning confirmed that Hon. Kategaya is responding well to medication. Unfortunately, some people especially in the social media continue to report wrong information.

We appeal to those churning out such falsehoods to restrain themselves and if there is any query you should not hesitate to get in touch with the Minister of Information and National Guidance.

As government we acknowledge people’s concerns regarding Hon. Kategaya’s health. This is due to your immense love and respect for the statesman, but I also urge you to stay calm as doctors do their professional work. Otherwise, to continue saturating unconfirmed reports, you are creating unnecessary anxiety and apprehension among members of the public.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Internal Affairs Hon. Hillary Onek was discharged from Medanta Hospital in India on Saturday 19th 2013 and is now an outpatient recovering tremendously.

Thank you for your cooperation

Mary Karooro Okurut (MP)


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